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What Does the Royal Baby have to do with Pro-Life Sentiments?

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Prince William and Kateby Nathalie Bowman

The birth and naming of Prince William and Kate’s newborn baby has been all over news. The happy occasion is creating a worldwide celebration. The world’s attitude towards Kate’s pregnancy and the birth of the royal baby has breathed new life into the pro-life movement as well.

Steven Ertelt of lifenews.com suggests that pro-choice liberals frequently use words such as “lump of tissue” and “potential person” to describe babies in the womb. But during Kate’s pregnancy, even those liberals referenced the “lump of tissue” in Kate’s womb as a “child,” and that her “baby” would be in line for the throne.

In Ertelt’s article, “Kate and William Announce the Name of their Newborn Baby Girl and It Will Make You Smile,” he answers why the birth of the Royal Baby matters in pro-life circles:

“Beyond the celebration of life that accompanies the birth of a baby and the completion of 9 months growing and developing in her mother’s womb, the birth is an interesting phenomenon because it has billions of people acknowledging the simple fact that a baby is a baby both before and after birth.

As Christian writer Eric Metaxas pointed out during Middleton’s previous pregnancy, the world finally, for once, settled on the fact that a baby before birth is a human baby. While abortion activists normally call a child in the womb anything but a baby or a child, this was one rare occasion where “Royal Baby” won out over “Royal Fetus.”

As Metaxas noted:

The battle over human dignity is waged not just at the local abortion clinic or crisis pregnancy center, nor merely in the halls of Congress or the Supreme Court. It is also carried out in our choice of words….

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Yes, We Can End Abortion

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Stop abortion

 “I think we have deluded ourselves into believing that people don’t know that abortion is killing. So any pretense that abortion is not killing is a signal of our ambivalence, a signal that we cannot say yes, it kills a fetus.” – Faye Wattleton, former president of U.S. Planned Parenthood

Abortion is one of those topics that is often swept under the rug because it’s unpleasant and hard to talk about. We indulge ourselves in whatever we feel to be pleasant. We need to teach our children the reality of everyday life or they may find themselves unable to tackle that which is hard or inconvenient. While people don’t want to face the facts of abortion and say in effect “let others deal with it,” real human lives are being lost.

Those that advocate for “choice” regarding abortion agree that it is killing a fetus or as Ann Furedi states, a “human life.” Furedi said, “We can accept that the embryo is a living thing in the fact that it has a beating heart, that it has its own genetic system within it. It’s clearly human in the sense that it’s not a gerbil, and we can recognize that it is human life… the point is not when does human life begin, but when does it really begin to matter?”

This begs the real questions regarding abortion:  Does a beating heart matter?  What defines the importance of human life?  Does one human life matter more than another human life?  If the debate is the dependency of the child on the mother or that the unborn baby would die without constant care then why is it acceptable to end the life of an unborn child, but not the life of an infant, or someone on welfare or on life support?   One cannot ethically distinguish the importance of a human life without generalizing that importance to all human life regardless of that human’s stage of development.

Naomi Wolf, a feminist author and pro-choice supporter, states:

 “Clinging to a rhetoric about abortion in which there is no life and no death, we entangle our beliefs in a series of self-delusions, fibs and evasions. And we risk becoming precisely what our critics charge us with being: callous, selfish and casually destructive men and women who share a cheapened view of human life…we need to contextualize the fight to defend abortion rights within a moral framework that admits that the death of a fetus is a real death.”

These advocates for choice realize that not only is abortion killing a human life, but they want to try to remain free of delusions and evasions to stop appearing callous and destructive. They want to ultimately remain a civilized society that legalizes the extinction of an innocent human life by trying to argue, like Furedi, that yes it is a human life, but evidently some lives matter more. The contradiction is evident in their own argument.  Either the entity growing inside a pregnant woman is alive and considered a human or it is not. If the fetus is alive and growing then it does matter. To say it doesn’t is a perfect example of being “callous” and “destructive” against human life. Women should not abort to rescue themselves from the negative social implications or the inconvenience of having a baby.  Nor should abortion be used as a form of contraception.

Pro-life advocates seek for society, government and all people to respect the gift of life and to respect one another. The Declaration of Independence gave us our liberty from tyrants thousands of miles away and gave birth to our nation we know today. As United States citizens we are given the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” under this declaration. We also read from our founding fathers that “all men are created equal” and that we are given agency to do with our lives the way we each see fit. There are some who would say the “pursuit of happiness” gives them the right to do as they please –including aborting a child. However, if we are all truly equal and we all have these same rights and freedoms as human beings, and if leaders of Planned Parenthood can attest to an aborted baby being a human person and not a gerbil, then under the same Declaration of Independence babies are entitled to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” just as you, me, and everyone else. To deny that child the right to live is thus unconstitutional. Your freedoms and rights do give you power, but not the kind of power that governs over another human being’s life.

 The time for abortion to end is now.

We live by the mentality that what we can’t see doesn’t exist. Just because a growing baby does not begin to show on a recently pregnant woman, does not justify ending that baby’s life.  If individuals feel that they’re mature enough to have sex and feel they have the right to have sex then they must also accept the responsibilities associated with having sex. The child’s right to life supersedes the inconvenience of becoming pregnant. As adults we celebrate and enjoy our lives, however, we need to remember to celebrate and respect the lives of the unborn.

As already stated, abortion is a tough subject to bring up and to calmly and rationally discuss, but it is a subject that cannot be brushed aside with the difficult questions left unanswered.  Are we going to brush the topic of abortion to the side and ignore this issue while so many innocent unborn children are losing their right to even live? The call has gone forth for people, governments, and nations to address the difficult questions. The call is here.  Help end abortion now.  Who is going to answer?

andrew MossmanAndrew Mossman is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University Idaho with a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Psychology and a minor in Marriage and Family Studies. Andrew’s goals include helping citizens to understand and perceive abortion in a new light in hopes to help those who don’t/ won’t care really come to know what abortion is and the real implications it has on the mother, child, and society. 



Jennifer WilsonJennifer Wilson is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s in Marriage and Family Studies. She has been married for two years and she and her husband recently had their first child.

A Pro-Life Manifesto

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Melissa Anderson

Something about being away from my children makes me crazy.  On days I’m not crazy lonesome or crazy melancholy or a crazy shopper buying crazy amounts of children clothing to send to my adorable children, I’m just a mama crazy in love with her babies.  And I wonder where that crazy love went in the rest of the world.

When did we hit the point where we argue about leaving our babies dead in an abortionist’s trash can?  

I find myself wondering if people actually sit and think a little about all the pre-born baby girls we’re killing in the quest for unadulterated women’s rights.  It’s such a backward argument to say that we must allow for the death of girls to protect rights the women.   We forget about the preborn and we forget about the men who often have absolutely no say whatsoever regarding whether their baby lives or dies.

But even in all my musings I was left with no way to change the world.  I am powerless to fix the state of our children, to open the eyes of a world hell bent on not recognizing the humanity of a heartbeat.  I’m left with no tool at all but a tablet and a pen.  They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, and right now I’m hoping that’s true. The whole world lies in hearts and minds of its citizens.  Here is my small contribution to the work of changing the minds of a world.  

Here is my pro-life manifesto to anyone willing to read.  

I am pro-choice. This only means that I am anti-rape and anti-incest.  Only in cases of rape and incest does a woman have no choice.  The rhetoric “pro-choice” diminishes the pain and the heartache felt by women who truly have no choice given to them when they were forced into sexual activity against their will and choice.

I am pro-consequence. When a man and a woman both choose to engage in sexual intercourse, the choice has been made. Pregnancy is the natural consequence of the choice to engage in sexual intercourse.  The choice has been made, next comes only the consequence of that choice.  The preborn must not be permitted to bear the consequences of a man and a woman’s choice to engage in sexual activity.

I am pro-family.  I believe in families. I believe in the goodness of women.  In the history of the United States, women were the driving force behind the suffrage movement, education reforms, abolition, emancipation, work force safety and child labor laws.  All of that was accomplished and women have only been able to vote in the United States for less than a hundred years.  Great works are accomplished when a woman works to protect and nurture.  Current trends seek to isolate the woman from her family.   What a woman cannot conquer alone, what a man cannot accomplish alone, a family can.  Families are the most important unit.  Abortion asks that a woman, in her weakest and most vulnerable state, make a decision regarding the life of her own preborn infant, with no counsel other than the abortionist profiting from the death of the child.

I am pro-liberty.  John Stuart Mill was a leading political theorist.  Many would place him in a category with such brilliant political minds as James Madison and Fredrick Douglass.  Mill explained in discussing democracy and liberty that one person’s liberty interest ends where harm to another begins.   For example, my liberty to swing my fist ends where it comes into contact with another’s face.  I do not have total and complete liberty.  My liberty of action ceases where another’s liberty interest in safety begins. 

Such a simple principle in this democracy we all claim to love. We believed such principles as espoused by Mill when they were spoken in regard to a political system, about democracy, so why not now? I stand fast to the principle that such basic political theory as founded our country holds as much truth today as they did then.  A man and woman’s liberty interest ends where harm to a preborn infant begins.  We never have complete liberty.  There will always come a point where our individual liberty ceases.  Harm to another.  What is more harmful than to make a beating heart stop beating?

I am pro-bold.   Pro-life is the silent majority.  I will not be silenced.  I will not be swayed by rhetoric aimed at muddying clear issues.  I will not doubt my own positions and I will not begin to believe that my positions are less worthy of defending than someone else’s.  I strongly believe that when I personally stop fighting for life, I am just as much to blame as the abortionist.

I am pro-life.  I stand for Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The foremost among these is Life, as without Life there can be neither liberty nor happiness to protect.

Here’s what you can do:                                                                                                            

1.  Legislatures are in session in many states in the U.S. and in parliamentary bodies around the world.  Find out what pro-life bills are being proposed in your state or country and support them.  

2.  Write a letter to the editor, a blog post, or post on your facebook wall your thoughts about the tragedy of abortion and the empty rhetoric of the “pro-choice” movement.  Share with others your feelings about life and the need to protect it – before birth as well as after.

3.  Find out the positions of your elected representatives and commit to help pro-life/pro-family candidates get elected. 

4.  Treat all those around you with great respect and love.  Let your actions reflect your commitment to the sanctity of life. 

5.   Be an active and articulate voice for the unborn.

Melissa Anderson.jpgMelissa Anderson is a lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. She is the mother of seven crazily adorable children and an author of children’s books. In her spare time, Melissa volunteers extensively with Court Appointed Special Advocates educating the community on issues related to child abuse and neglect.

Wear Your Plaid Undaunted

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Melissa Anderson

My husband is usually a fashion disaster.  Mind you I’m not much better, but at least I don’t wear blue plaid pants with a striped brown shirt. He never leaves the house in such disrepair, but he is known to lounge about our home sporting two different kinds of plaid, a shirt unabashedly buttoned incorrectly and two socks that couldn’t be mistaken for a matching pair.

Then I laugh at him. I laugh at him in a way that says, “We’ve been married for more than a decade and you still can’t button your shirt correctly.”  It happens the same way every time.  He buttons his shirt incorrectly.  I laugh.  He changes his shirt.  One day perhaps he’ll stop buying button down shirts or roll his eyes and walk past my lovingly mocking gaze.

The question is, how much laughter does it take?

The natural inclination when we’re openly mocked is to change.  My husband changes his shirt. What about more important matters?  What about times when we’re not wrong?

The pro-abortion camp paints pro-lifers as religious zealots, uneducated, unversed in medicine, birth control and family, pushing their moral values on an unwanting world.  They laugh.  Do we blush? Do we sheepishly change our views? Do we question where we stand?

If you do, don’t.  Know that you graciously stand with generations of people in world history who were mocked and who did not blushingly turn away. People who courageously wore the plaid of their times knowing that someone had to take a stand.

William Wilberforce was mocked for a lifetime and, just before his death, witnessed the fruit of his undaunted perseverance for the causes of life and justice. Wilberforce saw the freedom of a people.  He saw life.

My point for this blog?

Don’t blush.  Don’t change shirts.  Wear your plaid undaunted.

Myth Buster Monday: Are the majority of Americans “pro-choice” or pro-life?

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A debate has been raging over a CNN Poll that asked this question:  “Do you think abortion should be legal under any circumstances, legal under only certain circumstances or illegal in all circumstances?” 

Abortion rights advocates say the poll results confirm that Americans overwhelmingly favor abortion. Pro-life advocates say the same poll shows that the majority of Americans oppose abortion.  So which is it?  Guess it depends on what you mean when you say you support abortion.

Here are the CNN Poll numbers:  25 percent said abortion should be legal under any circumstances, compared to 21 percent that said abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.  With a sampling error margin of plus or minus three percentage points, those two groups are in a statistical dead heat.

Now here’s where it starts to turn into a gray area:  53 percent of poll respondents say that abortion should be “legal under only certain circumstances.”   Many people consider themselves to be strongly pro-life but will make exceptions in the case of rape, incest or life of the mother; those individuals would end up as part of that 53 percent.    The 53 percent number is being widely touted by abortion rights advocates as being part of a 78 percent majority who are “pro-choice” (25% + 53%).

What the pro-abortion advocates fail to mention is that CNN asked a follow-up poll question.  Here, accordingly to LifeNews:

When asked, “Do you think abortion should be legal under any circumstances, legal under only certain circumstances, legal in a few circumstances or illegal in all circumstances? ” CNN found the same 25 percent and 21 percent want either all abortions legal or all illegal. But, breaking down that 53 percent group further, CNN shows just 12 percent want abortions legal in most circumstances while 41 percent want most abortions to be made illegal.

In total, 62 percent of Americans want all or most abortions to be prohibited while only 37 percent of Americans want all or most abortions kept legal.

So when you read a headline like “New CNN Poll Find American Remains Steadfastly Pro-Choice,” you’ll know which side is not telling the whole story.

Have you ever wondered if your efforts made a difference?

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Diminutive, yet outspoken and articulate, Wendy Wright has spent many a day standing on a street in front of abortion clinics trying to convince the women who enter to not abort their unborn babies.  Wendy, now  days, appears on national news broadcasts trying to convince the country –and even the world – of the wrongheadedness of abortion, radical feminism, same-sex marriage, and lots of other issues that are important to those who support families and traditional values.

We at United Families are grateful to count Wendy Wright, Concerned Women for America, as a friend and ally.  We wanted to share her brief, yet remarkable story.  It’s for those of you who work hard and wonder if it ever really makes a difference.

Because of You …”

June 17th, 2011 by Wendy Wright

After speaking to Generation Joshua home school students, telling stories of rescuing babies from abortion, I explained why Christians need to be engaged in public policy by showing what happens when we’re not.

During the Q&A session, a young woman asked, “Have you ever met one of those babies that you rescued?” I said, “I hope to one day. Gosh, they’d be about your age now!”

I was shocked by her response. “I was rescued from abortion and adopted because of you,” she said. Her birth mother wrote her letters mentioning me.

What a beautiful gift, to see the fruit of a seed that was sown years ago!


Youth Arrested for being Pro-life?

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This story began back in 2008 when 18 pro-life advocates were arrested for standing on a public street and sharing a pro-life message.  They were handcuffed, hauled to jail and not told what the charges were until the next day.  The three females in the group, two of them under 18 were strip searched—twice.  The pro-life group has sued the Maryland state police officers involved and this week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit upheld a district court decision and denied the request of the police officers that they be immune to charges related to the incident.

This is a case of harassment and denial of rights by officers for what appears to be nothing more than a bias against the pro-life advocates and their message.  As I read an article by LifeSite News and see the photo of the young woman being handcuffed, I am very troubled—not only at the injustice of the situation, but also because I have spent enough time involved with pro-life individuals, especially the youth, to know of their goodness, their motivations and their innocence.  These are just good kids, trying to do a good thing—something they deeply believe in.  To picture them being handcuffed, thrown into a jail cell and strip searched! is a little much for me to handle.

This should be a wakeup call for people of all political persuasions.  At what point did we lose our right to stand on a public street, not obstructing or causing harm, and express our opinion?  The Maryland State troopers involved must be held accountable for their actions.

To read more on the story:



VOTE: What age group and gender do you believe are the most pro-life?

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Let your voice be heard!  Vote on the current UFI poll question What age group and gender do you believe are the most pro-life?

Click HERE and scroll to bottom of the page to cast your vote!

Where do you find Accurate Reporting?

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The 37th Annual March for Life in Washington D.C. counted record numbers of people – up to 400,000 marchers in D.C. and over 80,000 joined the Virtual March for Life – with no accurate national media coverage.

As for the national coverage that the March did receive, CNN’s Rick Sanchez wasn’t sure which side had more protesters. CNN’s footage shows a few pro-choice advocates then a huge group of pro-life protesters. It’s shocking that CNN wouldn’t admit to the overwhelming numbers of pro-life supporters in attendance and appeared to not understand the main purpose of this protest.

Jack Cashill, an independent video producer, was appalled. “Their performance in 2010 convinced us that the issue at hand is not ignorance or incompetence, not even bias, but outright fraud.”

Cashill produced a video which calls out the media for not representing the March in 2010 as well as in 2009. The video also shows interviews from March for Life attendees.

National news outlets have a responsibility to the people to show the news as unbiased and accurate. With so many disparities it is hard to know which news sources to trust. Previously mentioned on a UFI blog post regarding the Prop 8 trial, it is hard to find reliable news sources that tell all sides of the story.

Since unbiased news is essentially non-existent in today’s culture, where can we turn to for news? Both liberal and conservative news outlets can be informative but it’s important to realize that most entities do have an agenda.  The problem arises when these news outlets won’t acknowledge that they are writing news from a particular perspective—claiming to be neutral when they’re anything but.

Our suggestion:  Read both sides.  Choose a conservative website or two and a liberal website or two.  If you read both sides, you’ll have a basis to compare information and be more able to sift through until you find the truth.  You’ll certainly be more informed and better able to articulate your position.

What are your favorite sites to read the news? Leave them in a comment below to share with your fellow UFI blog readers.

The Pro-Life Movement is Gaining Steam

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For the first time since Roe v. Wade, the majority of Americans are pro-life. What’s changed? And what will pro-life organizations do now that they have the people’s support?

To find out, make sure to catch the latest installment of Voice of the Nation. We’ll tackle these questions and more with the help of Daniel S. McConchie, Vice President of Government Affairs at Americans United for Life (the first national pro-life organization in the country).

The show will be broadcast live at 2 pm PST, listen here. If you miss it, make sure to listen to the recording here.


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