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Say “No” to Apathy

In Families, Grassroots, Meet UFI, Schools, Sex Education on April 21, 2011 at 5:21 am

By Carol Soelberg, President of UFI

United Families received many gratifying comments from our readers recently when we spelled out ways citizens can be involved in making a difference in the sex education curriculum in their schools.  This affirmed my belief that people are not really apathetic in regards to their community responsibilities rather they need to be informed about how to be involved!

I agreed whole heartedly with Dave Meslin’s 7 minute video presentation called “The Antidote to Apathy.”  He says people aren’t stupid, selfish or lazy.  We simply live in a world that discourages involvement by putting obstacles and barriers in our way.

These obstacles include:

  1. Intentional exclusion exists because many public servants would rather make decisions for us than encourage our understanding and input.
  2. We have intentionally put a price tag on freedom of expression. Our public space, i.e. billboards and such, are bought for a high price while many of the messages that need to be shared are not profitable.
  3. The media focuses far more on entertainment and sports than political events and involvement.  Even when political stories are covered, rarely is information included that would direct input and involvement.
  4. Many of today’s heroes are seen as “chosen” or exceptionally gifted. This leads the rest of us who are all fairly “ordinary” to assume that we haven’t much to contribute.  Meslin accurately states that, “A heroic effort is a collective effort”.  The real good that is accomplished in life involves the “collective, imperfect, voluntary” efforts and talents of many individuals.
  5. Political Parties have sadly become a restatement of what marketers and pollsters  think you want to hear rather than coming up with bold creative ideas and policies that reflect and serve the good of the people.
  6. And finally, the fact that charitable organizations are not allowed to advocate, means that many of the most “passionate and informed voices are kept silent especially during election time.”

Thank you Meslin for helping us all clarify some of the obstacles that hinder our involvement in the important issues of the day.  United Families International is dedicated to climbing over these obstacles and identifying ways for all who wish to be involved in making the world a better place to live by securing a future for families.

Learning to Teach, Not Just Rally

In Abortion, Democracy, Education, Families, Free Speech, Grassroots, Homosexuality, Marriage, Proposition 8, Same-Sex Marriage, Sanctity of Life, The Family, UFI, Values on January 15, 2010 at 12:31 pm

I read a lot of articles and blog comments surrounding family issues everyday, and I’ve noticed a trend.

Very few, if any, of the articles and comments written about these subjects are written to teach people about the issues. Most seem to be written as a rallying cry for those already on the writers’ side.

I can immediately identify these when they include: a condescending tone, name-calling or (get ready) cite scripture.

This trend became clear to me after I read an article called Why I’m Becoming Pro-Life and Why Your Obnoxious Activism Wasn’t What Changed My Mind, written by a homosexual atheist named Alex Knepper. In the article Knepper told his “conversion” to pro-life thinking through a long journey of logic and exploration. Being atheist, religious arguments meant absolutely nothing to him. Only logical arguments eventually led to his change in opinion (please read his article).

If this is true, than pro-family advocates are doing a poor job of explaining issues in ways that will ring true with more than just pro-family or religious people. Although rallying does have its place, but teaching is also crucial.

There are valid, logical arguments that should be heard. Social science professionals have produced statistics that should be injected into the conversation, in large doses.

To help you find these valid, science based arguments concerning these issues; United Families International has organized free issues guides for anyone and everyone.

If you want to contribute to the conversation on these issues, or just be able to defend your position, these guides will be a great start. Find them here.

Thank you for caring. I hope these guides will help you solidify your understanding of the issues and make you a stronger advocate for the cause.


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