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A Pro-Life Manifesto

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Melissa Anderson

Something about being away from my children makes me crazy.  On days I’m not crazy lonesome or crazy melancholy or a crazy shopper buying crazy amounts of children clothing to send to my adorable children, I’m just a mama crazy in love with her babies.  And I wonder where that crazy love went in the rest of the world.

When did we hit the point where we argue about leaving our babies dead in an abortionist’s trash can?   

I find myself wondering if people actually sit and think a little about all the pre-born baby girls we’re killing in the quest for unadulterated women’s rights.  It’s such a backward argument to say that we must allow for the death of girls to protect rights the women.   We forget about the preborn and we forget about the men who often have absolutely no say whatsoever regarding whether their baby lives or dies.

But even in all my musings I was left with no way to change the world.  I am powerless to fix the state of our children, to open the eyes of a world hell bent on not recognizing the humanity of a heartbeat.  I’m left with no tool at all but a tablet and a pen.  They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, and right now I’m hoping that’s true. The whole world lies in hearts and minds of its citizens.  Here is my small contribution to the work of changing the minds of a world.   

Here is my pro-life manifesto to anyone willing to read.  

I am pro-choice. This only means that I am anti-rape and anti-incest.  Only in cases of rape and incest does a woman have no choice.  The rhetoric “pro-choice” diminishes the pain and the heartache felt by women who truly have no choice given to them when they were forced into sexual activity against their will and choice.

I am pro-consequence. When a man and a woman both choose to engage in sexual intercourse, the choice has been made. Pregnancy is the natural consequence of the choice to engage in sexual intercourse.  The choice has been made, next comes only the consequence of that choice.  The preborn must not be permitted to bear the consequences of a man and a woman’s choice to engage in sexual activity.

I am pro-family.  I believe in families. I believe in the goodness of women.  In the history of the United States, women were the driving force behind the suffrage movement, education reforms, abolition, emancipation, work force safety and child labor laws.  All of that was accomplished and women have only been able to vote in the United States for less than a hundred years.  Great works are accomplished when a woman works to protect and nurture.  Current trends seek to isolate the woman from her family.   What a woman cannot conquer alone, what a man cannot accomplish alone, a family can.  Families are the most important unit.  Abortion asks that a woman, in her weakest and most vulnerable state, make a decision regarding the life of her own preborn infant, with no counsel other than the abortionist profiting from the death of the child.

I am pro-liberty.  John Stuart Mill was a leading political theorist.  Many would place him in a category with such brilliant political minds as James Madison and Fredrick Douglass.  Mill explained in discussing democracy and liberty that one person’s liberty interest ends where harm to another begins.   For example, my liberty to swing my fist ends where it comes into contact with another’s face.  I do not have total and complete liberty.  My liberty of action ceases where another’s liberty interest in safety begins.

Such a simple principle in this democracy we all claim to love. We believed such principles as espoused by Mill when they were spoken in regard to a political system, about democracy, so why not now? I stand fast to the principle that such basic political theory as founded our country holds as much truth today as they did then.  A man and woman’s liberty interest ends where harm to a preborn infant begins.  We never have complete liberty.  There will always come a point where our individual liberty ceases.  Harm to another.  What is more harmful than to make a beating heart stop beating?

I am pro-bold.   Pro-life is the silent majority.  I will not be silenced.  I will not be swayed by rhetoric aimed at muddying clear issues.  I will not doubt my own positions and I will not begin to believe that my positions are less worthy of defending than someone else’s.  I strongly believe that when I personally stop fighting for life, I am just as much to blame as the abortionist.

I am pro-life.  I stand for Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The foremost among these is Life, as without Life there can be neither liberty nor happiness to protect.

Here’s what you can do:                                                                                                            

1.  Legislatures are in session in many states in the U.S. and in parliamentary bodies around the world.  Find out what pro-life bills are being proposed in your state or country and support them.

2.  Write a letter to the editor, a blog post, or post on your facebook wall your thoughts about the tragedy of abortion and the empty rhetoric of the “pro-choice” movement.  Share with others your feelings about life and the need to protect it – before birth as well as after.

3.  Find out the positions of your elected representatives and commit to help pro-life/pro-family candidates get elected.

4.  Treat all those around you with great respect and love.  Let your actions reflect your commitment to the sanctity of life.

5.   Be an active and articulate voice for the unborn.

Melissa Anderson is a lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. She is the mother of seven crazily adorable children and an author of children’s books. In her spare time, Melissa volunteers extensively with Court Appointed Special Advocates educating the community on issues related to child abuse and neglect. 

“Down not Up”?

In Abortion, Demographic Decline, Families, Population Control on March 5, 2012 at 7:07 am

When Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius took questions from the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health about President Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2013 budget proposal last Thursday, she commented that a reduction in the number of human beings born in the United States will compensate employers and insurers for the cost of complying with the new HHS mandate. The mandate will require all health-care plans to cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions.

“The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception,” Sebelius said. She went on to say the estimated cost is “down not up.”

I have a few questions for Sebelius. If supplying contraceptives for “free” is really the most cost effective way of handling women’s health care, then why haven’t insurance companies picked up on this before?

Why is the United States government concerned about population growth when the birth rate in the United States is at its lowest?

And what about 30 years from now when there are fewer working tax payers then there are elderly people whose health care costs are typically the highest among the population– will fewer babies being born today help health care costs in the future? I doubt it. Parts of Europe and Japan are now finding out that an aging demographic actually creates economic challenges rather than solves them.

Reader Poll: “Did you know that the Girl Scout organization has strong links to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion & “sexual rights” advocacy groups?”

In Child Development, Parenting on February 10, 2012 at 8:35 am

Here’s the questions we asked UFI readers:

Did you know that the Girl Scout organization has strong links to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion & “sexual rights” advocacy groups?

Here is how readers responded:

53 Percent                   “yes”

47 Percent                   “no”

At this time of year when cute little girls start showing up at your door to sell you those yummy Samoa or Shortbread cookies, we thought it was important for people to know some about what we call “the dark underbelly” of the Girl Scouts of America organization (GSA).  Although the GSA maintains that “none of the money earned from any Girl Scout council-sponsored cookie sale is given to any other group,” we know from up close and personal experience at the UN that the Girl Scouts of America is closely allied to and partners with Planned Parenthood and other radical feminist groups.

You might want to keep that in mind as you consider having your children or grandchildren involved with the Girl Scouts of America.  For further information on the unsavory things that GSA is affiliated with, check out these websites and articles:


Girl Scouts in DC Respond to Planned Parenthood Link Charges

Girl Scouts Ties with Planned Parenthood Extensive and Long-Standing





Susan G. Komen Foundation: No more funds for Planned Parenthood

In Abortion on February 1, 2012 at 3:56 pm

Melissa Anderson

About a year ago I almost bought one of those hilarious bumper stickers that say “Save the Ta-Tas”. I thought it’d look great slapped across the back of my minivan, right next to the CTR sticker.  I didn’t buy it, not because I’m not all about saving Ta-Tas (because, believe me, I’m very fond of my own) but because I knew that the Susan G. Komen Foundation passed along funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s, even the world’s, largest abortion peddler.

But guess what’s being slapped across my bumper as soon as possible? Yup.  Save the Ta-Tas. Because yesterday the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the leading charity for breast cancer research, announced that they will no longer partner with Planned Parenthood.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision comes after years of the Foundation affiliates providing financial support to Planned Parenthood. However, in the light of federal investigations of Planned Parenthood and a vigorous new Vice President, Komen has pulled funding.

If there were ever a time for people of all backgrounds to pull together in the cause of life, the time is now.

We respect and applaud the integrity of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  We offer a standing ovation to the courage and the sacrifice to reach such a phenomenal decision. The cause of Life thanks you.

At this very moment, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is receiving thousands of angry emails from Pro-Abortionists mocking the decision to defund Planned Parenthood. They are receiving threats and hate filled messages. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is taking a heavy blow, but let’s show them that they do not have to stand alone.

Please take a stand with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  They have acted with bravery.  It is time for each of us to do the same.

What I am asking each and every one of my readers is a single email to news@komen.org thanking the Susan G. Komen Foundation for their courageous step in the cause of Life.  It’ll take one minute, one sentence, to show our support for this courage amidst the turmoil.  It’ll take a single moment to let them know that they do not stand alone and they have gained an entire army of supporters proud to email and proud to paste Save the Ta-Ta’s to the back of their minivans.

Take a minute and send an email right now!

Remembering Anna

In Abortion on December 20, 2011 at 2:01 pm

Rachel Allison

I don’t know if our UFI readers remember my writing about a group of women who, experiencing the heartache caused by their own abortions, have dedicated themselves to educating, influencing and hopefully inspiring others to choose life.  I heard from one of these women this week.  I would like to share with you what she shared with me.

Merry Christmas

This past year has been one of unanticipated blessings and opportunities. Rather than reflect it, I feel I should share with you a story shared with me by my hosts in Holland.  The story you are about to read will not soon be forgotten and reflects the faith of our Lord, when each of us face those times when we are struggling with our faith. Times we simply don’t understand.  The times we ask,  ‘Why?’  The Bible says, “ and a child shall show them” is so true in this case.  I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by this story.

History of the experience you are about to read

Rian and Leo had 3 beautiful girls.  When their youngest was 3 they announced that a fourth baby girl would soon join their family.  It was at twenty-nine weeks during an ultra sound that Rian and Leo discovered that the baby had no kidneys.  The doctors told them that their little girl would not live long outside the womb, and encouraged an abortion.  The news hit Rian and Leo with heart-wrenching reality. A long period of silence followed.  On the drive home,  at last Leo asked Rian,  “What do you want to do?”   Rian’s reply was full of determination. “I don’t want this……I DON’T!!! But I can’t discard our daughter.”  With crushing emotions, Leo heartily agreed. They knew it was the right decision but the pain was still very real.

In the 36th week, the pains began, but they came so rapidly they knew they would not make it to the hospital.  The mid-wife was asked to come to the house instead.  Both sets of grandparents, the three girls and Leo were present when Anna was born.  She was perfect visually in everyway.   Laying her on Rian’s belly, everyone took turns touching and speaking love to the small infant who was visibly growing weaker.  Finally Leo asked everyone to lay hands on Anna as he prayed.  Leo thanked God for even this small period they could have Anna and he asked God to hold her in HIS arms until they could all be reunited.   Almost simultaneously, the amen and the last breath came.  Anna was bathed and dressed in the special pink dress and matching blanket they had selected for her.  A few days later a service was held with family and close friends.

Eight years later, Eva, now eleven, came down for breakfast and announced that during the night she had experienced heaven and Anna.   Rian asked Eva to write her experience while it was fresh in her memory and before the details were forgotten. The following is eleven-year-old Eva’s account.

Anna in heaven

This is what I dreamt by myself:

I saw the gates of heaven opening. There I saw Jesus or God standing.

At first I didn’t see Him well, because of the bright light. He opened His arms wide, and I ran towards Him. Then He lifted me, and together we laughed. I saw a lot of children, playing.  I could sit on God’s lap. God said: I want to show you someone! Then I asked: Who? God didn’t just say ‘Anna’, but He said: ‘your little sister!’ I was so glad!  He took me to a kind of meadow with grass and lots of flowers. It was so beautiful, I can’t explain! It seemed to be wild flowers, blue and yellow and red and orange flowers.

There were all animals that would normally kill each other, very beautiful was that too. And there I saw Anna.  Picking flowers.

Then Jesus walked away to leave us alone, but we weren’t alone at all, because there were lots of other children! Anna didn’t see me at first but when I called her she stood up right away, and we ran to each other. I was so glad! We embraced each other, and fell on the ground together.

Then we started playing with each other, not just playing but. .. well, I can’t explain. Than Anna tapped me and ran away, and I ran after her.

When I caught her we went playing with the animals. But then Jesus came again.

Anna stood up immediately and ran towards Him. And me too.   Anna and I sat on Gods lap. It was terrific! And then we did a group hug. Jesus, Anna, and I.

So beautiful.  But then I woke up.  I wish it all happened real because I want to hug her and God also!   Eva

Eva told her mother that Anna looked like someone in the age of 6 or 7 years. Her hair was like the color of Joas (blond) with two little tails.

(Dream of Eva Provoost,eleven years, about her little sister who died as a baby, 1.5 hour after birth.)

Kay Painter 
Remembering Sara Ministries International
%The Crossing
16241 N. Franklin Blvd. 
Nampa, ID 83687-8211 
208 989-3107remembering_sara@msn.comhttp://www.rememberingsara.org

We do what’s best for kids – who are we kidding?

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Ann Bailey

Sitting there in the dentist’s office, the Reader’s Digest cover caught my attention.   Smartly-dressed Michelle Obama grinned at me from the cover and the headline read:  “Michelle Obama’s Family Values.”  But it was the quote from her that really got me going:  “Everything we do must be for our children.”  But before I could snatch up the magazine, the receptionist called me into the back and into the dentist chair.

“Everything we do must be for our children.”  I could not agree more!   That’s such a lovely statement, but unfortunately, the policies that I see promoted by the occupants of the White House leave me wondering how much Mrs. Obama actually understands that statement.   As I sat there with the man in the white mask trying to save my ailing tooth, I had plenty of time to make a mental list of policies and behaviors that are promoted in this country, that do anything but show that “everything we do is for our children.”

These are not in any particular order, but here’s my list:

  • Readily accept and even promote cohabitation, including giving benefits to individuals who “shack up,” when we know that these relationships are unstable at best and downright dangerous for children at worst.
  • Create policies that encourage individuals to bear children out-of-wedlock dooming many of these children to lives of disadvantage and poverty.
  • Allowed same-sex marriage to gain a foothold, ignoring the fact that acceptance of same-sex marriage means unequivocally that marriage and child bearing are unrelated.  Once again putting adults “needs” ahead of children’s.
  • Use reproductive technologies that bless the lives of married men and women that wish to have children, but also allow children to be created to satisfy the whims of adults – many of these children being stripped of their right to have and to know both their mother and father.
  • Disposable marriages and easy divorce that pretends to serve the needs of adults, but has brought enormous physical, emotional, and economic harm to children.
  • One word:  abortion!
  • Allowed feminism to convince us that woman’s place is in the workforce and that daycare suits children just fine.  Now we’ve built an economy built around this falsehood.
  • Speaking of economy, we’ve consumed all that our parents bequeathed to us, lived a lifestyle beyond our means for decades, and now we’re consuming our children’s future as well.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it is a sad one.  Mrs. Obama and all of us need to take a closer look at that sentence and REALLY think through what it means.  What’s best for our children should always be our primary focus– not just window dressing for a magazine cover.


Do babies learn before they’re born?

In Abortion, Child Development, motherhood, Parenting on December 14, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Ann Bailey

“Some of the most important learning we ever do happens before we are born, while we are still in the womb,” states Annie Murphy Paul,  author of “Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives.

As she tells of remarkable research that points to the cognizance and learning that is occurring during that unborn child’s months in the womb, I can’t help but wonder if the pro-abortion folks are cringing that such information is being spread far and wide.  After all, their flimsy case for abortion is built upon the understanding that the unborn child is a piece of foreign tissue that has no humanity.  That’s kind of tough when you have scientists like Annie Murphy Paul saying things like, “The recognition that learning actually begins before birth leads us to a striking new conception of the fetus, the pregnant woman and the relationship between them.”

Watch and enjoy!  It will make your day.

To read more specifics go to the link below:

What babies learn before they’re born

Consequences of Abortion… More than the Death of a Child.

In Abortion, UN on November 30, 2011 at 10:10 am

by Rachel Allison

In September Priscilla Coleman was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry showing an association between induced abortion and mental health problems.

Overall, women with an abortion history experience an 81% increased risk for mental health problems. The results showed that the level of increased risk associated with abortion varies from 34% to 230% depending on the nature of the outcome. Separate effects were calculated based on the type of mental health outcome with the results revealing the following: the increased risk for anxiety disorders was 34%; for depression it was 37%; for alcohol use/abuse it was 110%, for marijuana use/abuse it was 220%, and for suicide behaviors it was 155%.

When compared to unintended pregnancy delivered, women who terminated had a 55% increased risk of experiencing any mental health problem.

Finally, nearly 10% of the incidence of all mental health problems was shown to be directly attributable to abortion.

There are women all over the world who, having aborted their children, recognize the emotional and mental impact it has had on their lives. To their credit, many have publically spoken out including at UN conferences.  Several years ago, I met one such group of women.  Seven articulate women with a message that they were passionate about traveled to NYC to join hands in protest of the worldwide abortion agenda that was robbing the unborn of their right to life. Each one of these women took their turn telling about the helplessness they felt when they discovered they were pregnant, and the mental anguish they experienced as the decision was made to terminate their pregnancy.  Each and every one of them expressed their disbelief at the flippant demeanor the nurses and doctors had while they were being prepared for the “procedure.”  Each one refused to believe they were destroying a life…but afterward, they knew the reality of what they had allowed to happen…and it has haunted them every day of their lives since. To their credit they were speaking out so that others do not feel their loss and anguish.

I had a doctor acquaintance who told me of an experience he had as a medical student.  He was watching an abortion take place.  The doctor performing the abortion was callous and unfeeling.  The woman on the table was in total denial, talking freely, even laughing at times until she became sedated.  Immediately following the abortion, as she was becoming coherent, she began to sob uncontrollably.  At that point she knew what she had allowed to happen…this young medical student was powerless to help her pain.

There are many I’m sure that will dispute the findings of Ms Coleman’s study.  They will say, “Women are not damaged. They make a choice, and they do just fine with their decision to terminate the life growing within them.”

The scientific findings may or may not be accurate but my heart goes out to those women who are damaged.  If Ms Coleman’s data is incorrect, our hearts should mourn for a society where women are not affected by such a gut-wrenching decision.

The Perfect Abortion Candidate

In Abortion, Feminism on November 21, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Today we at United Families International welcome Melissa to our UFI Team.  Her story will astound you.   Melissa speaks with a voice and experience that will touch hearts and change minds.  You won’t want to miss her upcoming articles.

By Melissa Anderson

I was the perfect abortion candidate.  When my nineteen year old mother discovered she was pregnant with me she already had a nine month old son, no education, no employment and no future. Neither of my parents were ever employed for more than a few months at a time. I can almost hear the masses calling to my mother, advising her that the uneducated, unemployed, unplanned teen parent should never allow a birth.  As it was the state of California paid for my birth, my formula, my baby food. For my entire childhood the state of California bought every bit of food that made its way into my mouth.

My life was never easy.  My father would later be condemned to serve two life sentences in state prison for child abuse, child neglect, sexual abuse and, perhaps the worst of it all, torture.  Of all the things to succeed at, my parents chose the Olympics of abuse, running the gauntlet through every category of abuse they knew, hiding us in secrecy while we endured whatever our parental task masters had in mind to heap upon us.  It was in my childhood home I witnessed, endured and eventually survived the multiple depravities one human can lash upon another.  The hateful words and actions of my mother and father will forever haunt me.  I will never forget the screams, the blood, the pain.  I will never forget the humiliation and the hopelessness.

And yet, I bless my mother’s name.

When the cold winter of Seoul, Korea nipped at my nose, I had my mother to thank for it.  When the sharp rays of the South Carolina sun shone on my black hair, I had my mother to thank for it.  I had my mother to thank the first time I handled the red clay earth of Georgia or felt the lap of the ocean against my bare feet in Monterey. Most of all, when I curl up with my own baby and smell the sweet scent of milky baby breath, or hold my child’s hand or braid thick masses of hair or bake terribly disgusting brownies that my children secretly feed to the recycling bin, I have my mother to thank.  When my husband holds me tightly, I have my mother to thank.  She gave me life. She gave me the chance to choose for myself what my life would be and to eventually move beyond the childhood she gave me.  If the woman gave me nothing else, she gave me life and for that I bless her name.

Others aren’t so lucky.  Others are never given the chance for birth at all because some social formula we’ve created pops out the risk factors and determines that birth would be too much of a risk for mother and society.  One more mouth to feed.  One more future criminal minority on welfare perpetuating the cycle.  One more mother who wasn’t ready when she made the choice to have sexual intercourse.  And the preborn infant pays the price.

And what have I been doing with the life I shouldn’t have been given the opportunity to live? Am I a child abuser myself? Perhaps addicted to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to drown out my parents voices? Absolutely not.  In fact, I’m a licensed attorney, a children’s book author, child advocate, raising my own children beneath the protection of love and support. The cycle is broken.

The choice to go to law school for me was a no-brainer.  The world, I felt, needed a translator, someone who had spent close to two decades in the trenches of poverty, abuse, hunger and despair. Someone whose life might have ended in one of the multitude of abortion clinics conveniently located in the poor, minority parts of town where young girls flock who already feel trapped and afraid. After all, it’s their own choice; the preborn don’t matter.

The rhetoric of “choice”

The interest of preborn infant are consistently disregarded for the faulty arguments raised in defense of abortion.  Future articles will discuss the connection between abortion rhetoric and child abuse rates, will dissect the faulty logic of allowing elective abortion on demand in the untruthful plea for protection of the less than 1% of women who seek an abortion for reasons of rape, incest and mother’s life, as well as the argument for sonograms as a necessity prior to an abortion.

While the horrific memories of my youth will lie in the back of my mind, always silently yearning for recognition, one by one those memories are being replaced by my own choices- The choices of the fetus who never had a chance.

Let us not forget that deeply hidden in the rhetoric for choice is the glaringly incorrect proposition that the life choices of the preborn infant have already been made.  The welfare-fed daughter of a convict and an uneducated teenaged mother is better off aborted.  She’ll just feed the cycle of poverty and abuse in the future.  Her choices are already made.  She will fail.  As a survivor of the trenches, I am here to say that such thinking is absolutely incorrect. More than that, I am here to debunk the false logic of the pro-abortion campaign.  I hope that you will join me in the campaign to save the lives of our children. Share these articles. Joining together we will change hearts and minds.

 Melissa Anderson is a lawyer in San Antonio, Texas.  She is the mother of seven crazily adorable children and an author of children’s books.  In her spare time, Melissa volunteers extensively with Court Appointed Special Advocates educating the community on issues related to child abuse and neglect.

For more information on Melissa’s story:

From brutal childhood to head of the class

Overcoming Obstacles

Reader Poll: Would you vote in support of a “personhood amendment” similar to the one that recently failed in Mississippi?

In Abortion, Polls on November 18, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Here’s the question we asked our readers:

“Would you vote in support of a “personhood amendment” similar to the one that recently failed in Mississippi?”


Here’s how UFI readers responded:                                        

71  percent            Yes

24  Percent              No

5  Percent                Undecided

The personhood amendment movement is somewhat controversial within the pro-life/pro-family community.   Most in the pro-life community can rally around the understanding that life begins at conception, but for many the personhood amendments are an issue of strategy.   Is the timing right to push for an amendment such as this?   Has the culture moved toward a pro-life position to the degree that the type of legislation can be passed or is it counterproductive and even dangerous to the pro-life movement.  For example, the pro-abortion folks are certainly glorying in the loss of the Mississippi Amendment and insisting that the pro-life movement is losing its momentum now.

There is no question that if an amendment such as this were to pass it would be challenged in court and could eventually end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.  If that were to occur before the court had the right composition of pro-life minded judges, the results could be devastating – a ruling against the personhood amendment that would set the pro-life movement back for generations to come.

Is it better to take a slower, more incremental approach to laws and with that effort soften hearts and change the culture to eventually accept an overturn of Roe v. Wade?  Those pre-conditions are probably necessary to allow a sympathetic U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade anyway.

All in, United Families International is in the camp that believes the slower, more incremental approach is a better strategy, but we certainly understand and sympathize with the pro-personhood amendment position as well.



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