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Clever and Witty or Crass and Disgusting

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Mehcad BrooksA video created by Center for Reproductive Rights has been making the rounds in cyberspace.  It has met with accolades from the pro-abortion world and jeers of disgust from everyone else.

“Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby” features an actor sitting in a chair in a well-appointed room with a fire place crackling in the background.  The handsome actor smiles and winks seductively as he delivers his monologue.

“Oh, hey baby, Did you think I forgot?” he says, as he sips from his glass.  “How could I ever forget our anniversary?” he continues as he talks to the camera as though the viewer were his lover.

This comment from one viewer sums it up nicely:

Honestly, disgusting on so many levels. For a black man to be celebrating – does he understand that today black children are aborted at five times the rate of white children? Does he understand that a black child is more at risk in his mother’s womb than at any other time in his life? Thought this was a sick joke – like a man celebrating that he could impregnate women freely knowing that he could just abort his offspring when necessary. And of all the tag lines – “Hey BABY”. BABY?

We won’t do anymore editorializing.  You watch it and decide for yourself.

It’s All About Me

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Young Mom kissing babyMari Anderson & Marcy Cooper

“I found out I was pregnant on my 21st birthday. It was not planned and, in fact, I never really planned on having children in the future. I am now eight weeks pregnant and so confused. I am very pro-life; I just can’t bring myself to go through with an abortion. I have visited abortion clinics and the thought of going through with it sickens me. I feel I have no support from my family or my boyfriend. Everyone has been telling me my only choice is abortion—I need someone to talk to, someone to just listen to me and not tell me what to do. I feel so lonely lately, my relationship of two years is going down the drain and my family is just as confused as I am.” Josie[i]

Many women are faced with the unexpected news that they are having a baby and do not know how to handle the situation. They turn to abortion because they see it as the only option when; in fact, there are many other choices.  In the United States alone there were 1,200,000 abortions in the country in 2011.[ii]

As alternatives to abortion, here are several choices one can make. One option is to consider raising the child with the help of others such as the father, immediate family, or relatives. Another option is to place the child in temporary foster care. This is a great choice if the biological parent isn’t able to raise a child at that point in time of their life, but could raise the child after a year or so. One final possibility is to put the child up for adoption. But the choice is ultimately the mothers and fathers have no legal rights to determine the destiny of the pre-born child.

Many mothers come up with the excuse that just getting an abortion is the easiest way to fix the problem.   Mothers often rationalize getting an abortion because of the following excuses:

  • Right now the timing is bad to have a child.
  • Finances are tight and neither of the parents can afford a baby right now.
  • The mother doesn’t want to be a single mother raising a child.
  • Having a baby would interfere with school or having a successful career.

Since 1973 and the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision, women’s “right to choose” has led to the loss of 55 million pre-born lives.  That number represents one-sixth of the current U.S. population.   Abortion is the leading cause of (unnatural) death in America.

Who has abortions?

  • In 2009, women aged 20-29 years had the highest abortion rates (27.4 abortions per 1,000 women aged 20-24 years and 20.4 abortions per 1,000 women aged 25-29 years) (Centers for Disease Control).
  • In 2009, adolescents under 15 years obtained .05% of all abortions, but had the highest abortion ratio, 785 abortions for every 1,000 live births (Centers for Disease Control).
  • Black women are more than 4.8 times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.7 times as likely (Guttmacher Institute).
  • The abortion rate of non-metropolitan women is about half that of women who live in metropolitan counties (National Abortion Federation).
  • The abortion rate of women with Medicaid coverage is three times as high as that of other women (National Abortion Federation).
  • At current rates, nearly one-third of American women will have an abortion  (Guttmacher Institute).

As abortion rates rise perhaps more time should be given to its effects upon women and their families.  Having an abortion has many side effects, both emotional and physical.  The emotional side effects include post partum depression and feelings of guilt. Most people believe post partum depression will only happen after a person delivers the baby, but, it happens any time a pregnancy is ended—no matter what stage the pregnancy ended in. Many times it can be very traumatic for the mother to feel a sense of loss or abandonment.

The physical effects of abortion can last two to four weeks after the procedure has been completed. These include abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, spotting and bleeding. More serious complications that could arise are infection, damage to organs including the uterus and cervix, and even death.[iii] These complications are serious to the health of the mother and should be thought about before any decision is made.

I regret my abortionHow does having an abortion impact future births?

According to the Mayo Clinic, having an abortion does not cause infertility issues or complications, but a person runs the risk of developing the following complications: vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy, preterm birth, low birth rate, and placenta previa (the placenta detaches from the uterus wall). Would we want mothers to suffer theses complications when it is preventable with choices other than abortion?

By not having an abortion, a woman will save not only a child’s life, but also maybe her own. It is always a question whether the child who died could have been the next president of the United States or invented the cure for cancer.

Josie’s story is just one of many examples of women who face the decision of whether or not to have an abortion. She concludes her story by saying:

In January, I found out on my 21st birthday that I was pregnant; at that time I was confused and had no idea what to do. It is now March and I am four months pregnant.   I decided to keep my baby and raise it with my boyfriend and with the help of my family. I  am very happy with my decision; I know I couldn’t have done it any other way. I found out it’s a boy and he’s due in September.[iv]

For many women it can be extremely scary when they are in the situation of having to decide a child’s future. That decision, however, has ultimately been placed in the mother’s hands.  She can never ignore the life that would be terminated by that one decision; a decision that could negatively impact her life, her family’s life and rob her (or adoptive parents) of the blessing of a wonderful, precious baby.


Mari AndersonMari Anderson is adopted from Peru. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a Bachelors Degree in Child Development.

Marcy Cooper

Marcy Cooper is from Roy, Utah. She is studying Child Development at Brigham Young University-Idaho and will be graduating in April 2013 with her Bachelor’s Degree.

Holy Cow

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Bull ElkDiane Robertson

Last week in Boulder, Colorado a police officer shot a bull elk. The police officers involved in the shooting of the elk have been put on administrative leave and are under criminal investigation. On Sunday, hundreds of citizens in Boulder, Colorado held a candle light vigil in honor of the elk.

Some comments from the neighbors were:

“I know a lot of us have had a lot of anger, a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainty,” said Vigil organizer Jim Riemersma. “Tonight’s a celebration, a celebration of the elk. We loved him. But I think he loved us, too, because he returned to this neighborhood.”

“People live here because we love the wildlife,” said Esther Parson, who lives in the foothills west of Boulder. “To murder an animal who feels like he’s part of the neighborhood is despicable.”

“He was a beautiful animal,” said Nancy Platt, of Boulder. “He was hurting nobody. He didn’t deserve what he got.”

Boulder, Colorado is not only the setting for a lot of wildlife, but the setting for a late term abortion clinic, Boulder Abortion Clinic, P.C. . On any Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm, women can come and kill their babies. The neighbor’s are not holding candlelight vigils in honor of the babies that will never even get to take their first breath or brighten someone’s day with their precious smile. On the clinic’s website, one can find comments from the mothers who have aborted their babies.

“I am so glad this facility is here.”

“Everyone was friendly and caring, as well as comfortable with and professional at what they’re doing.”

“I would just like to say thank you for being so kind and treating me with such respect.”

“The doctor is not only a wonderful and caring man, he’s got a great sense about himself, almost as if he “knows” what your feelings [are]. Truly a wonderful man.”

“Dr. Hern was very funny and enjoyable. The procedure was just what the staff said it would be.”

“The doctor puts his heart into his work and that makes me feel good.”

Woodland creatures are held in higher esteem than human life.  A community has allowed the killing of their own unborn children and at the same time lit candles, mourned, and criminalized the killing of an elk. The breakdown of the family and the legalizing of practices that support sexual activity outside of marriage has brought us to a time where neighbor’s will get together to mourn the loss of a wild animal, but turn a blind eye when a women wants to  rid herself of the responsibility of her own children.

In most states, the state legislature will begin the 2013 session. Most of these states will have bills to help protect children from abortion. Please find out what the bills are and contact your legislatures or lobby at your state capitol to help curb the loss of precious human lives through abortion. Our own children are infinitely more precious than beautiful and interesting wildlife. They need legal protection too.


Auschwitz, Abortion and Connecticut

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Service for Shooting VictimsGordon Jones

This past summer my wife and I had the opportunity of traveling through much of Europe. We saw many cities, churches and museums. Of all that we saw, our visit to Auschwitz made the deepest impression. To walk on the grounds where millions of men, women and children were murdered and tortured was an overpowering experience. Their blood and suffering have consecrated those grounds and anyone who walks those paths can feel a small portion of the pain and anguish of those poor souls who were so unfairly hated and killed. There was not pretext that this was just punishment. This had nothing to do with what they did, it was simply who they were.

It was Dr. Mengele who watched the prisoners get off the train and to each he would signal the officers either a thumb up or a thumb down. The thumbs down meant they went immediately to the gas chamber. The others went to the camp where they were slowly starved and worked to death. It was here and at the nearby camp of Birkenau that Dr. Mengele conducted his horrific experiments involving the torture of twins among other atrocities. While listening to his cruel and perverse experiments I was deeply troubled to hear of one story in particular.   After visiting the children’s block Mengele drew an arbitrary line on the wall. He then instructed the guards to go through the camp and any infants and children who were shorter than the line were taken immediately to gas chamber. More than five hundred children were killed as a result.

The evil that took place at Auschwitz haunts me still because of the cruelty and the random torture and murder of the innocent children is such a painful thought. As I pondered these horrific images it began to dawn on me that I own a portion of guilt for the murder of innocent children. It became much more real to me that we, as a society, have drawn an arbitrary line on the wall and have killed millions of innocent children because they were less than 22 weeks old. We are killing more than one million babies a year. We are making the atrocities of Dr. Mengele look small by comparison.

I cannot escape the guilt that I am part of the society that not only tolerates these atrocities, but encourages it in many ways. I feel a great empathy with Lincoln’s words at his second inaugural address where he placed equal blame for the sin of slavery on the North who had been complicit in the slave trade until a few decades before the Civil war. He viewed the war was just punishment to both the North and the South for those sins. In reality, we find our country in wars and with atrocities on all sides. How is it possible that the massacre of 20 innocent children in Connecticut could bring the entire nation to their feet while the killing three thousand children every day with the surgeon’s blade goes completely unnoticed?

“Woe unto the world because of offenses; for it must needs be that offenses come, but woe to that man (or nation) by whom the offense cometh.” –“we shall suppose that American slavery (abortion) is one of those offenses which, in the providence of God,– He now wills to remove, and that He gives to both North and South this terrible war (atrocities) as the woe due to those by whom the offense came.

Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war (abortion) and senseless killings may speedily pass away.”  -Abraham Lincoln


Increased Contraception = Increased Abortion: Who knew?

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Ann Bailey

Increased use of contraceptives results in increased abortion…who knew!  Seems counter-intuitive, but it is true.  Recently, the media and the Obama spin masters have been all over a study that  supposedly shows that if you hand out free birth control (under Obamacare) you’ll have fewer abortions.  They’re hoping this type of research will convince the general public that forcing employers to pay for their employees’ contraception is a good idea.

The problem for the pro-contraception/pro-abortion team is that the research from countries like Spain, Sweden, England, and Wales tell a completely different story – when you increase contraceptive use you get higher pregnancy and higher abortion rates.  Not to mention that the new Obamacare-supporting study is full of some significant research flaws and invalid assumptions.

Research coming to us from The Guttmacher Institute (a Planned Parenthood affiliate and no friend of the pro-life movement) shows that increased used of contraceptive in the U.S., Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, and South Korea also brought about an increased rate of abortion.

Despite an increase in the use of contraceptives in England and Wales, the number of abortions increased from 175,542 in 2009 to 189,574 in the year 2010.  Commenting on this increase in the abortion rates, Paula Franklin, director of Marie Stopes International, states:

“with improvements in contraception rates last year, these figures come as a surprise… Although the rise is small, these abortion figures send a warning for the government’s family planning strategy.”

Since Marie Stopes International is one of the largest abortion providers in the UK, it leaves one wondering just how concerned about that news they could actually be.

Why does increased contraception = increased abortion?   When contraceptives are flowing people will engage in more sex acts and in riskier sexual behavior – often outside of marriage which provides a stabilizing influence to human sexual behavior.   You get more pregnancies because contraception (even when consistently used) is far from 100 percent effective and contraception fails in predictable percentages.   By the way, the highest rate of abortion occurs in cohabiting relationships – a fact that this writer finds shocking and disturbing considering the massive increases in the cohabitation rates over the past few decades.

Now stop and think about the increase use of contraception accompanied by increased sexual activity and what that is going to do to the rate of sexually transmitted disease/infection.  With the exception of limited protections provided by barrier methods such as condoms, contraceptives provide zero protection from sexually transmitted diseases.  The Centers for Disease Control provide supporting data, but there should be no surprise to anyone that there’s a clear link between birth control and increases in STDs.

You don’t have to oppose contraception because of religious reasons to have serious misgivings about the efficacy and the wisdom of flooding the world with contraceptives.

Another UN Treaty that Needs to Go Away

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Another UN treaty that would put the U.S. in the cross-hairs of unelected international bureaucrats was passed out of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week.  Supporters of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) hope that the Senate vote to ratify this treaty will take place by the end of this coming week (by August 3).

As with virtually all UN treaties that emanate from the Economic and Social Division of the United Nations system, a country gives up a lot and gets nothing in return. Although the name of this treaty would make you believe it is worthy of U.S. ratification, the devil is in the details.

United Families International was at the UN in New York during final negotiations of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (December 2006) and we can testify that this treaty has all the problems and ideological baggage of the numerous other treaties that have been created by the UN and then never ratified by the U.S.

Here’s a brief list of the reasons why the United States should not ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

  • The U.S. does not need to compromise their sovereignty to supposedly stand in solidarity with other nations on the issue of fair treatment for persons with disabilities.
  • The U.S. has already enacted some of the strongest disability legislation in the world.
  • The U.S. doesn’t need to sign onto this treat in order to provide leadership on this issue.
  • This treaty compromises parents’ right to direct the education of their disabled children.  The language of “best interests of the child” is the language of those who would like to wrest control from parents.  Does the parent or the government know what is best for a child?  This document puts the power in the hands of government.
  • This document contains language that can be easily misconstrued and misinterpreted to support reproductive health rights (code words for abortion).  As was mentioned earlier, UFI was there advocating for the family during the final negotiations of this convention and the reproductive language was highly controversial and hotly contested.
  • A UN compliance committee (unelected international bureaucrats) is given the authority to monitor and issue edicts as to whether or not a signatory country is complying with the mandates of this convention.  Sovereignty would be compromised.

The U.S. is already a leader in its treatment and policies related to people with disabilities.  The ratification of this treaty does nothing to further the interests of the good people who struggle with disabilities.  Senators James Inhofe and Jim DeMint explain it best:

The globalist ideologues behind these treaties are either ignorant of or hostile to the universal human experience that problems are best solved by the people and institutions closest to them. So assured are these masters of their mandate to direct the lives and wealth of other people that they see their routine failures to do so efficiently at the local, state and national level merely as reason to ascend to new heights of international command and control.

Contact your senators today and let them know that you don’t support another meaningless UN treaty.  Tell the UN bureaucrats “NO.”




Choosing a Casket instead of a Crib

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 Ann Bailey

What’s it like for a mother to be planning a funeral when she should be choosing paint colors for her newborn’s nursery?  My neighbor and dear friend, *Sarah, knows the answer to that question.   When her pregnancy reached the five month mark, she was told that her unborn baby had a terminal condition and would die within a few hours of being born.  Worse yet, doctors told her that carrying the baby to term could be dangerous to her own health.  They recommended that she abort the baby.

Sarah’s husband was panicked that he would lose his wife and the mother of their other children; he agreed with the doctors’ recommendation and pushed Sarah to abort the baby.   She refused, stating that she was going to give her child every chance to survive.  If the little guy didn’t make it, then she would cradle him and love him until he drew his last breathe, but she would never take the life of her child.

I’ve always said that Sarah’s one of the bravest people I know and she epitomizes the selfless love of a mother.  She sought out a doctor who would help her safely bring her unborn child to term, and spent the next four months teaching and preparing her other children for the birth – and the death – of this very special child.  Her husband was so distressed over the situation that his way of dealing with it was to pretend it wasn’t happening – he never engaged nor spoke of Sarah’s pregnancy during those long, anxious, and strained remaining four months.

In the last few weeks of Sarah’s pregnancy, I went with her to the mortuary to make the plans for the baby’s burial.  I was struggling to get my mind around the injustice of choosing a casket instead of a crib, but Sarah’s calm and gracious soul never wavered.  In spite of the endless doctor visits, little support at home and concern for her other children, Sarah remained unflappable and at peace with her decision.  She understood her role as the mother to all of her children – including to her unborn child.

When the baby was born, he lived just a few minutes.  Sarah’s children were there to meet their new little brother – as was her husband.   That was some 15 years ago, and when I saw this video, I felt a sense of relief and elation that this type of service exists and the medical community has advanced to the point that they can provide this kind of support to a mother, father and family.

And I wished this type of service – and understanding – had been there for Sarah.  This video will make you cry, but watch it.  I think it will expand your understanding on the importance of all human life.

*Sarah is not her actual name.

Celebrating Jon

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The number tells the story.  More than ninety percent of unborn children who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.  There is no better indicator of the “better dead than have downs” attitude that exists in our culture.  But one man, columnist George Will, tells a different story.  His son, Jon, turns 40 years old this week and Mr. Will is a powerful witness to the goodness and contributions that those with Down Syndrome can -and do – make to the world.

Will’s tribute to his son, Jon, also touches on something that unfortunately too often goes unmentioned in the disability dialogue – parents and families that share the gift of an individual with Down Syndrome feel happy and feel blessed.  Dr. Brian Skotko, a geneticist at Children’s Hospital Boston, studied these families.  His work was published last fall in the American Journal of Medical Genetics.

Skotko found that among siblings ages 12 and older, 97 percent expressed feelings of pride about their brother or sister with Down syndrome and 88 percent were convinced they were better people because of their sibling with Down syndrome. A third study evaluating how adults with Down syndrome felt about themselves reports 99 percent responded they were happy with their lives, 97 percent liked who they are, and 96 percent liked how they looked.

Take a minute and read George Will’s article.  You’ll feel a little better about humanity.

The Business of Abortion

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Melissa Anderson

Why is abortion protected and fought over so much in the United States?  Because it’s connected to women’s rights?  Of course not.  Because it’s a business.  Not only is abortion a business, abortion is a business that rakes in millions of dollars, privately and otherwise, every year.  Abortion is a federally protected, lobbying, growing business.

Remember Susan G. Komen? The national leader in breast cancer research took a heavy hit from pro-abortion groups for daring to funnel funding away from Planned Parenthood, a leading abortion provider, and straight to smaller organizations that actually fight breast cancer.  Susan G. Komen was hit hard because it threatened the business of abortion.  The non-profit took a beating for having the audacity to stick to its stated purpose of fighting breast cancer, not shuffling people to the door of Planned Parenthood.  Abortion is a business.

In a more drastic and disturbing case, the dead bodies of aborted preborn infants are sold to research centers to be used in experimentation.  I don’t say that lightly and I don’t use it for shock value.  My point is that the business of abortion reaches far beyond the cost a scared teenage girl is willing to shell out in cash to pay for her abortion, it extends to the bodies of our children being sold to experimentation.  Take for instance a brochure published by one abortion provider which lists the body parts of aborted preborn infants and the prices the parts are sold for.  One entry states that the company is willing to pay $150.00 dollars for the liver of an aborted preborn infant of less than eight weeks gestation.  The company offers a 30 percent discount if the liver of the baby is “severely fragmented.”  So, at eight weeks gestation, the preborn isn’t life worth protecting, but a liver worth selling.  Abortion is a business.

And what are we using aborted preborn tissue for?  Drum roll please: Skin cream.  Yup. No joke.  The skin tissue of aborted preborn infants, those same tissues sold piece by piece, are used by some companies to create and test skin creams. Fetal skin tissue has the awesome ability to heal and generate new skin cells.  So the dead body of somebody’s preborn infant was sold and then used…for face cream.

You think skin cream isn’t shallow enough?  The tissue of our aborted preborn are also used for food products testing.  I want to be clear.  Preborn tissue is not used in the food products themselves, but they are used in the testing of food products.  PepsiCo is an example of such a company.  PepsiCo insists that no preborn tissue is in the products themselves. But preborn tissue is used by PepsiCo to create great tasting beverages through the use of preborn flavor receptors.

Is that cola really worth it?  Abortion is a business.   (Go here to see an update on PepsiCo.)

Now women’s groups at the United Nations are focusing on outsourcing abortion to other countries.  We’ve saturated the American market, we need new fertile, lush fields of preborn infants to fill the coffers of the abortion industry, to test our drink products and make our facial creams.  Demand calls for supply, and we’re now going to the developing countries to meet that demand.  We consume natural resources of the developing world and then offer them “help” in the form of so-called “reproductive health rights.”  We get their women hooked on abortion and tell them that is “progress.”  Instead of helping them obtain clean water, infrastructure, education and basic medical care, we help them build a system where poor women will pay fortunes to destroy their own preborn.  After all, we need our face creams and our soda pop.

Abortion is an industry enjoying insane protections from the U.S. Government.  Why? Simply put it’s because we aren’t making our voices heard and we do not vote.  We take no part in the vote that the good men in our early history fought and died for.  We take no part in the vote that early women were tortured and imprisoned to win.  We are complacent.  And unfortunately, that complacency has allowed our preborn infants to be discarded like trash, or sold limb by limb, organ by organ and even turned into face cream.

Abortion is nothing more than a government-protected business.

What does a vote have to do with anything?  Pro-life individuals are the majority.  And yet the pro-life voice is heavily under-represented in Congress, in the presidency and on the Supreme Court.  Here’s how republic democracy works.  We vote in those individuals who will take our ideals, our desires, and protect our families and our children.  We must stack all branches of government with those individuals who will protect our children.  We must vote, and we must elect pro-life leaders.

If you ever want to do anything to protect our preborn, get registered and vote.  End the business of abortion.

Melissa Anderson is a lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. She is the mother of seven crazily adorable children and an author of children’s books. In her spare time, Melissa volunteers extensively with Court Appointed Special Advocates educating the community on issues related to child abuse and neglect.


A Pro-Life Manifesto

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Melissa Anderson

Something about being away from my children makes me crazy.  On days I’m not crazy lonesome or crazy melancholy or a crazy shopper buying crazy amounts of children clothing to send to my adorable children, I’m just a mama crazy in love with her babies.  And I wonder where that crazy love went in the rest of the world.

When did we hit the point where we argue about leaving our babies dead in an abortionist’s trash can?  

I find myself wondering if people actually sit and think a little about all the pre-born baby girls we’re killing in the quest for unadulterated women’s rights.  It’s such a backward argument to say that we must allow for the death of girls to protect rights the women.   We forget about the preborn and we forget about the men who often have absolutely no say whatsoever regarding whether their baby lives or dies.

But even in all my musings I was left with no way to change the world.  I am powerless to fix the state of our children, to open the eyes of a world hell bent on not recognizing the humanity of a heartbeat.  I’m left with no tool at all but a tablet and a pen.  They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, and right now I’m hoping that’s true. The whole world lies in hearts and minds of its citizens.  Here is my small contribution to the work of changing the minds of a world.  

Here is my pro-life manifesto to anyone willing to read.  

I am pro-choice. This only means that I am anti-rape and anti-incest.  Only in cases of rape and incest does a woman have no choice.  The rhetoric “pro-choice” diminishes the pain and the heartache felt by women who truly have no choice given to them when they were forced into sexual activity against their will and choice.

I am pro-consequence. When a man and a woman both choose to engage in sexual intercourse, the choice has been made. Pregnancy is the natural consequence of the choice to engage in sexual intercourse.  The choice has been made, next comes only the consequence of that choice.  The preborn must not be permitted to bear the consequences of a man and a woman’s choice to engage in sexual activity.

I am pro-family.  I believe in families. I believe in the goodness of women.  In the history of the United States, women were the driving force behind the suffrage movement, education reforms, abolition, emancipation, work force safety and child labor laws.  All of that was accomplished and women have only been able to vote in the United States for less than a hundred years.  Great works are accomplished when a woman works to protect and nurture.  Current trends seek to isolate the woman from her family.   What a woman cannot conquer alone, what a man cannot accomplish alone, a family can.  Families are the most important unit.  Abortion asks that a woman, in her weakest and most vulnerable state, make a decision regarding the life of her own preborn infant, with no counsel other than the abortionist profiting from the death of the child.

I am pro-liberty.  John Stuart Mill was a leading political theorist.  Many would place him in a category with such brilliant political minds as James Madison and Fredrick Douglass.  Mill explained in discussing democracy and liberty that one person’s liberty interest ends where harm to another begins.   For example, my liberty to swing my fist ends where it comes into contact with another’s face.  I do not have total and complete liberty.  My liberty of action ceases where another’s liberty interest in safety begins. 

Such a simple principle in this democracy we all claim to love. We believed such principles as espoused by Mill when they were spoken in regard to a political system, about democracy, so why not now? I stand fast to the principle that such basic political theory as founded our country holds as much truth today as they did then.  A man and woman’s liberty interest ends where harm to a preborn infant begins.  We never have complete liberty.  There will always come a point where our individual liberty ceases.  Harm to another.  What is more harmful than to make a beating heart stop beating?

I am pro-bold.   Pro-life is the silent majority.  I will not be silenced.  I will not be swayed by rhetoric aimed at muddying clear issues.  I will not doubt my own positions and I will not begin to believe that my positions are less worthy of defending than someone else’s.  I strongly believe that when I personally stop fighting for life, I am just as much to blame as the abortionist.

I am pro-life.  I stand for Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The foremost among these is Life, as without Life there can be neither liberty nor happiness to protect.

Here’s what you can do:                                                                                                            

1.  Legislatures are in session in many states in the U.S. and in parliamentary bodies around the world.  Find out what pro-life bills are being proposed in your state or country and support them.  

2.  Write a letter to the editor, a blog post, or post on your facebook wall your thoughts about the tragedy of abortion and the empty rhetoric of the “pro-choice” movement.  Share with others your feelings about life and the need to protect it – before birth as well as after.

3.  Find out the positions of your elected representatives and commit to help pro-life/pro-family candidates get elected. 

4.  Treat all those around you with great respect and love.  Let your actions reflect your commitment to the sanctity of life. 

5.   Be an active and articulate voice for the unborn.

Melissa Anderson.jpgMelissa Anderson is a lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. She is the mother of seven crazily adorable children and an author of children’s books. In her spare time, Melissa volunteers extensively with Court Appointed Special Advocates educating the community on issues related to child abuse and neglect.


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