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UFI at CPAC: February 27 Update

In Meet UFI on February 27, 2009 at 10:06 pm

ufilogoFor the second day in a row, the 2009 edition of CPAC focused the conversation on the economy. Barack Obama’s plan to save the economy was discussed and many conservative alternatives to the president’s plan were offered. Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah submitted to the conference that the United States cannot continue to run the country on a credit card. Former Governor Mitt Romney and other business minds floated the idea of cutting all taxes in half, while eliminating the capital gains tax for the middle class. The economy aside, the family was mentioned by several speakers.

Dr. Larry Eastland, a man who has held several positions from White House staffer to statistical analyst to author and U.S. Marine, shared that of all the jobs he has had, the job of grandfather has been his favorite.  Dr. Eastland spoke of the importance of his family in his life and in his success.  He also spoke of the need to preserve freedoms, while holding individuals accountable for their actions.

Rep. Ron Paul, a medical doctor who has delivered over 4,000 babies spoke on abortion.  Rep. Paul, who is pro-life, stated that the decision of abortion should be a state decision, not  a federal one. He said that state legislatures should have the power to pass their own abortion legislation and that if the courts were needed, the State Supreme Court, not the U.S. Supreme Court should make the ruling. 

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney delivered one of the better speeches of the day. In the speech, Gov. Romney denounced liberal activist judges who seek to legislate from the bench. He spoke of the disregard for democracy as non-elected judges re-write the constitution. Gov. Romney pleaded with conservatives everywhere to stand up for their values as several important principles come under fire.

UFI added several signatures for the U.N. Petition to Protect Life, bringing the total number of signatures gathered at CPAC to just under 400.

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Cold Temperatures Greet UFI In Minnesota

In Meet UFI on February 26, 2009 at 11:13 pm

ufilogoWhen I think of Fargo, North Dakota I think of cold, snow and ice; a place where only the very hearty would survive. Today, Carol Soelberg and Laura Knaperek experienced first hand the cold and snow…but were warmed by the enthusiasm of the people and their commitment to preserve the family.  

Lisa McKee and Lynn Park have consented to direct the efforts of United Families in North Dakota and Minnesota respectively. They hosted a “get acquainted” meeting tonight in Moorhead, MN on the university campus where Carol, UFI’s Chapter Development Director, presented on “Issues that Threaten the Family and Strategies to Strengthen the Family”. Carol and Laura will be holding chapter leadership training with the two groups all day Friday and Saturday. And, on Friday night, Laura – former AZ State Representative, will facilitate an interactive mock legislative hearing – with role playing of lobbyists and legislators. Not only will those attending learn how to affect change at the state level, they will have fun doing it!

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Change in Leadership at Arizona Chapter of UFI

In Meet UFI on February 23, 2009 at 6:04 pm

ufilogoLina Hatch, the now former Director of United Families Arizona, introduces new State Director, Tricia Groe:

As former director of United Families Arizona, I am excited to announce a recent change in leadership. Tricia Groe, a former member of the Arizona House of Representatives from Legislative District 3, is our new Arizona director!

Trish has the experience and ability to take UFAZ to greater heights. She knows legislation, she is masterful with technology, and her enthusiastic and positive support has blessed United Families Arizona from the first time she joined our team. I am pleased that Trish has accepted this position. I have full confidence in her and the future of UFAZ.

United Families Arizona successes

Successes of United Families Arizona this past year include:

  • In June, UFAZ sponsored E11even family concert. Nine children and two parents of the Kofoed family from Idaho presented a musical program promoting family, marriage, motherhood, fatherhood, faith, love and self worth.
  • UFAZ was a member organization of the YES for Marriage coalition that successfully passed Proposition 102, marriage between one man and one woman, on November 4, 2008.
  • UFAZ participated in numerous booth sponsorships at events around the state, including Arizona Families for Home Education Convention, Arizona Right to Life Conference, Yavapai County Fair, and Constitution Fairs in Gilbert and Mesa.
  • In January 2009, UFAZ sponsored “Celebrate Life – Roe v Wade 36 Years Later”, a community outreach program with speaker Shane Wikfors.
  • In January we also hosted “Lunch With Our Legislators” at the Capitol in conjunction with AZRTL, volunteering our support to our legislators in pro-family issues.
  • Last week UFAZ hosted “Standing for Families – 30 Years of Securing Our Future”, a very successful fundraising event at Fiesta Inn Resort. Richard and Linda Eyre were our guest presenters and the YES for Marriage coalition leaders were honored.

I pledge my continued support and urge your support of UFAZ! With our continued participation we will keep a watchful eye on proposed public policy that impacts families throughout the state…including yours!

To all of you, our friends of Arizona families, I express sincere appreciation for your supportive efforts in behalf of United Families Arizona and for me as director. It has been my privilege and great blessing to rub shoulders with and learn from many of you.

I realize there are great challenges ahead and therefore, I call upon each of us to continue to focus our efforts in defense of Arizona families.

Sincere Warm Regards,

Lina Hatch

PRESS RELEASE: Speakers to Address New Chapters of UFI: North Dakota and Minnesota

In Meet UFI on February 23, 2009 at 10:04 am


ufilogoMoorhead, MN – On February 26th and 27th, United Families International (UFI) representatives, Laura Knaperek and Carol Soelberg, will hold a series of meetings as UFI launches two new chapters, the North Dakota chapter and the Minnesota chapter. 

Mrs. Soelberg is a past president of UFI and has addressed many audiences from the UN to the World Congress of Families.  She will speak on Feb. 26th in room 227 of Comstock Memorial Union at MSU-Moorhead, her speech is titled, “Issues that Threaten the Family: How to Protect and Strengthen the Family.”  Carol Soelberg serves UFI as the Chapter Development Director. 

The Honorable Laura Knaperek served in the Arizona State Legislature for ten years.  During her tenure as a State Representative, she established herself as an advocate for children, families and the disabled.  Mrs. Knaperek will give a training presentation on Feb. 27th entitled, “How to Work with Your Legislature to Effect Policy and to Strengthen the Family.”  Laura Knaperek is the International Policy Director at UFI.  The events on the 26th and the 27th are free and open to the public.

United Families International was created in 1978 to protect the family as the fundamental unit of society.  As a non-denominational, non-partisan organization we are an internationally recognized pro-family voice.  UFI participates at the United Nations in negotiations to produce key outcome documents that set family policy throughout the world.  

Our chapter development program creates grassroots involvement by educating and advocating in behalf of family policy on national, state, and local issues. Through this program we are building an army of unified voices in support of the traditional family.  The Minnesota and North Dakota chapters will be the newest chapters in our international organization.  

Our Stay Alive humanitarian program has taught consequential thinking skills to nearly one million children in several African nations revealing an impressive rate of success in decreasing teen pregnancies and the spread of HIV/AIDS. 

Through social science research, we strengthen the family by promoting family, marriage, life, parents, and sovereignty.


UFI President, Beverly Rice, Will Be The Featured Guest on TCOT Radio Tomorrow

In Meet UFI on February 9, 2009 at 1:29 pm

ufilogoBeverly Rice, President of United Families International, will be the featured guest on the Blog Talk Radio show, TCOT Radio, tomorrow at 1 PM PST.  TCOT Radio is the official podcast of TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter) and is hosted by Tony Katz.  Mrs. Rice will discuss the topic of gay marriage in America.  The show is open to callers, the number is: 646-929-1981 or you may interact by twittering @tcotradio.

Click here for the TCOT Radio Blog


Click Here to listen to the completed podcast.  The interview with Mrs. Rice begins about 30 minutes into the show.

From Smart Girls Politics: A Profile in Conservatism: Beverly Rice, President of United Families International

In Meet UFI on February 4, 2009 at 12:51 pm

ufilogoSmart Girls Politics (SGP) was formed in the aftermath of the 2008 US Presidential Elections as a mechanism to join like-minded conservatives together in several unique ways.  Recently, SGP interviewed UFI President, Beverly Rice.

Beverly Rice is the President of United Families International. In addition to the following interview, she has also provided a video addressed to the members of Smart Girl Politics, SGP. You can find the video here.


SGP: What is United Families International, UFI, and why was it started?

BR: United Families International was started thirty years ago in response to the pro-ERA forces. When the backers of the Equal Rights Amendment were not successful in getting the amendment ratified, they turned their focus to the United Nations with the thought that they would have better luck there. UFI leaders testified before Congress on the ERA and then began working at the UN to combat the anti-family voices there.

SGP: What are the primary issues that UFI currently stands for or against?

United Families International works on five issues which are the basic tenets of our orgniazation. They are: Traditional Marriage, Sanctity of Life, Parental Rights, Religious Liberty and National Sovereignty. These are the same tenets which are fought against us by the anti-family forces at the UN, in Congress, in State Legislatures and in governing bodies around the world.

SGP: What issue poses the single greatest threat to families under the new administration?

BR: We feel that the greatest threat to the family that the Obama administration brings is the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. If this is repealed, then all the marriage amendments and statutes that have been enacted by state and local governments will have no validity. Without this protection we feel that marriage will be undermined, religious liberty will be weakened, and parental rights will be diminished. The agenda of the radical gay movement is to take away many of the rights that currently protect families.

SGP: What are your organizations fears if the new administration loosens the controls on all forms of abortion?

BR: The problem with the administration loosening the controls on all forms of abortion is that is will have world-wide repercussions. While abortion is legal here in the US , there are many countries across the globe where it is not legal. These countries have been able to withstand the pressure of many organizations and countries to legalize abortion because of the support they have enjoyed from the US these past 8 years. However, with the new administration, that support will vanish and many countries will feel they have no choice but to embrace the culture of abortion.

Additionally, here in the US , doctors will be forced to perform abortions regardless of their religious beliefs and parents will lose the right to be informed when their child is seeking an abortion and finally, abortions will be allowed through the full pregnancy term. People will become desensitized to the destruction of life in the unborn.

SGP: United Families International is against same-sex marriage. However, does the organization support civil unions? Why or Why not?

BR: We are opposed to anything that causes damage to the family. There is a movement throughout the world to redefine “family”. We support the definition of the “natural family”. Social science research shows that children do best in families that have a father and a mother. One of the problems with supporting civil unions is that it is an attempt to redefine what a family is. When civil unions are accepted then other changes to family life begin to be accepted. Soon people are saying that any two people who live together, love each other and are committed to each other should be considered a family unit. It is a slippery slope and the opposition understands this better than our side does. Whenever society accepts counterfeits to the natural family, they then find themselves giving additional credence to the idea that family can mean many things.

SGP: UFI is an advocate for family issues at the United Nations. What do you believe is the biggest challenge families face from United Nation members and policies?

BR: The biggest challenge we face at the United Nations is the attempt to reinterpret the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document, which was adopted by the UN sixty years ago is an amazing document. In this document the countries of the United Nations agreed that the family is the fundamental unit of society; that marriage between a man and a woman should be protected; that motherhood and childhood should be protected; that parents have the right to raise and educate their children; and that all people have the right to practice their religious beliefs. It is an astounding document in its breadth and depth of addressing the human rights of families.

The forces at the UN would like to have that document reinterpreted to fit the times of today. They suggest that abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity should be human rights. They would like to have it be a criminal act to restrict anyone from enjoying these rights as human rights. If they are successful in persuading the UN countries to accept this reinterpretation then we will find that the protection that families currently enjoy will be severely curtailed.

SGP: What do you believe is the leading cause of the decline of the American Family today?

BR:I believe that many people are simply not educated on the issues. Many people are not aware of what is happening – not only in our own country – but also in countries and governing bodies around the world to destroy the family. There is an agenda out there that seeks to establish a genderless, parentless society. It will be a society where the state will have say over what children learn and believe. It is a society that wants to free all women to be able to work outside the home unencumbered with the responsibilities of rearing children. It is a society that seeks to curtail the old, tired verbiage of the religious organizations, in favor of new verbiage that talks about the secular nature of our world. It is a society where families, as we know them today, do not exist but have been replaced with varying forms of relationships that meet the physical needs of the adults involved.

There is an urgent need for people who believe in families to become educated on the issues and join with others to fight the creation of this society.

SGP: What can members of SGP do to support your organization?

BR: Members of SGP are welcome to visit our website, sign up for our weekly emails and learn all they can about the issues. We are currently in the process of setting up leadership in all 50 states and abroad. We are looking for people who are interested in helping to lead the efforts in their states. We would love to hear from anyone who might be interested in helping with this effort.

Most importantly, we want everyone to become educated on the issues affecting today’s families. Societies are only as strong as the families within those societies. United Families International is dedicated to helping protect and defend strong families.

Video: Meet UFI

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Meet UFI: Laura Bunker

In Meet UFI on December 10, 2008 at 5:23 pm

ufilogoLaura Bunker, United Families Utah Chapter President

My Family:

The family is dear to me, partly because mine did not come easily.  I’ve been married 29 years, and my husband Steve and I have two beautiful daughters—both adopted.  Our youngest, Mary is in high school, and our oldest, Rebecca was recently married.

Why protect the family?

Watching my married daughter begin her new life has underscored to me the importance of the family in sharing values, responsibilities, and practical support.  It’s how our society passes the baton from one generation to the next.  It’s how our civilization keeps going.   Family is not just about the needs and wants of adults. It’s about preparing the way for the next generation, and the next. Maintaining the definition of marriage, the sanctity of life, and the obligation of parents, is critical for the success of future generations.

How can everyday people get involved in the fight for family values?

There is something everyone can do to help strengthen the family.  It may start with something as simple as hugging your children every day.  You can study the issues, and discuss them with your family and friends. Help them find answers to their questions. (unitedfamilies.org is a great resource) Sign up for United Families’ free newsletters and forward them on.  Let people know where you stand and why.  Write to your state Representative and Senator, and urge them to uphold the traditional family.  You can even join United Families with a $30.00 membership, or contribute more if you can.

Sometimes people feel hesitant to join in this effort because they feel their own family life is less than perfect. You don’t have to havean ideal family to fight for the “ideal of the family”.  The noun “ideal” means a principle, model, pattern, or goal.  The “ideal of the family” is worth every effort in our homes, and in our nation.  

Meet UFI: Linda Hollist

In Meet UFI on December 8, 2008 at 3:03 pm

ufilogoLinda Hollist, United Families Georgia Chapter President

My Family

I was married 17 years ago last April, and we have been blessed with 7 beautiful brilliant healthy respectful children.  Blayne, at 16, is finishing high school and attending the local university while preparing to continue his education at West Point.  Mariah, 15, maintains her 4.0, plays lead roles at the state theatre of Georgia, and was chosen for governors honors in vocal performance at the high school.  Cutler, 13, is enrolled in all honors classes as well as a design Engineering class as a freshman.  J Penton, 11, involved in soccer and band, and Talia, 10, chosen for All-state chorus, both excel academically at the middle school.  Hunter, 8, is known by his coach as the baseball player with the most heart and the strongest boy he has ever met; and Talmage, 6, comes home with prizes in phonics achievement almost daily.  They all never cease to delight us.  But more than that, they are growing up to be honorable productive contributors to all around them.

Why Protect the Family?

Having invested most of the last 17 years in the success of my children, I know that raising good children does not happen without fighting for their interest via traditional family values.  These values are not only valid but absolutely requisite to raising successful children who become successful adults insuring the solidarity of our nation and civilization.  I live the success of these family values daily.  Academics and special interest groups use power and influence to lobby for  theoretical agendas. These theoretical agendas are designed to remove family values and replace them with devastatingly flawed laws.  The failure of the family, thus society, is directly tied to their implementation.  I do not know of any more important issue to be involved in than that of the protection and success of our precious children through promotion of family values.

How can everyday people get involved in the fight for family values?

We greatly need your support.  Start by integrating traditional family values into your own families.  Let the schools hear from you regarding specific needs for improvement, take time to write letters to the editor, television stations and legislators, and talk with friends.  An easy way to get involved is to combine your efforts with UFI.  We welcome your time, talents or financial support to protect and promote family values.  Combined small efforts yield great results.  Please join us in our quest for a greater future for our children and our world.

Meet UFI: Lina F. Hatch

In Meet UFI on December 5, 2008 at 2:09 pm
ufilogoLina F. Hatch, United Families Arizona Chapter Director

My Family:
My  husband, Lorin and I have been married 37 years.  We have 7 children and 7 grandchildren.  Presently, all of us live in Arizona.  Lorin & I have lived in Gilbert (greater Phoenix area) for 32 years and obviously we think Arizona is a great place to raise a family!

Why Protect the Family?
My family is one of the greatest sources of joy, satisfaction and rewards in my life.  I am convinced that the family is the basic unit of society and the necessary environment for children to learn to become responsible adults.  I recognize the threats in today’s society that would undermine and even destroy the traditional family as we know it. With the desire to protect my family and all future generations, I join with other like minded individuals and organizations seeking to promote and maintain the family as the fundamental unit of society.

How can everyday people get involved in the fight for family values?
To get involved in preserving the family in our society, I suggest joining with other like minded individuals in your sphere of influence, sharing your values and concerns, and reaching out to an organization the upholds the same.  Volunteer your time and talents. Support legislation and candidates that uphold pro-family values. Be aware of what is going on in your town council and schools.

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