Day 11: “Happy, Healthy and Hot” Planned Parenthood and Sexual Rights

In Planned Parenthood, Sex Education on March 15, 2010 at 12:11 pm

By Joshua James

This article contains explicit content that is not appropriate for children. Read with caution.

A month or so ago, the Virginia congress was debating whether or not pro-choice license plates should be allowed. There were already pro-life plates, which had become rather successful means of raising money for pro-life organizations. The Republican Virginia lawmakers were extremely hesitant to allow pro-choice plates; however, citing their fear of giving more money to Planned Parenthood.

I thought the lawmakers were being unfair. I thought if pro-life groups get the fund raising plates, than it’s only fair that pro-choice groups would get them too.

Now I see where they were coming from.

Last week Shellie posted a blog that exposed the rhetoric of International Planned Parenthood at CSW, and just yesterday I got my hands on a brochure that seemed to magically appear in my stack of collectibles (hand outs). The brochure is called “Healthy, Happy and Hot—a young person’s guide to their rights, sexuality and living with HIV”.

Before I tell what is found in this brochure, I want to remind you that Planned Parenthood receives over $300 million in aid from countries around the world and is heavily involved in the Sex Education movement in America and abroad. This officially printed content exposes what they like to call “comprehensive sex education.”

Brace yourself; this is when this blog post gets explicit. I am going to take specific snippets from the brochure.

This particular brochure was made for young people with HIV, so it begins by addressing them:

Young people living with HIV may feel that sex is just not an option, but don’t worry—many young people living with HIV live healthy, fun, happy and sexually fulfilling lives. You can too, if you want to! Things get easier (and sex can get even better) as you become more comfortable with you status (this is just the beginning).

Over the next two pages, the brochure emphasizes the point that “young people with HIV have the right to decide if, when, and how to disclose their HIV status.” It does explain some of the benefits of disclosure, like the shared responsibility of ensuring sex is safe, but the decision is still up to the HIV carrier.

A few pages down, the words “Sexual Pleasure” are printed at the top. Below it reads:

Young people living with HIV have the right to sexual pleasure (what a right, huh?). Sex can feel great and can be really fun! Many people think sex is just about vaginal or anal intercourse…but there are lots of different types of sex.

Then, yes, the brochure explains different options that are too inappropriate for this blog.

The next page suggests people start masturbating, suggesting that is a great way to find out what you find stimulating. Then it says, “Don’t stop there: Find out how your partner’s body works,” then the brochure explains exactly how to do that.

The brochure does admit to some of the risks of sexual activity, including HIV and STIs (sexually transmitted infections), but ensures readers that they have a right to health services that will help them monitor their sexual and reproductive health.

If this is a brochure made specifically for young people with HIV, I couldn’t imagine that Planned Parenthood would have a more reserved education for young people without HIV.

  1. Reasons homosexuality is wrong including lesbian sex too.Their is a reason their are two human genders and not just one because males and females are naturally intended for each other.It’s because of heterosexuality the human race has become not because of homosexuality.All kids whenever possible deserve both a dad and a mom not two or three moms.The great Saint Paul informed all human same sex-sex is unGodly and not natural-Romans fist chapter.Thus all human same sex-sex is not natural also morally and Spiritually wrong.Of course not to hate nor dislike homosexual people but to disagree to the human same sex-sex act for the above reasons!.Note:The traditional family of mom,dad and kids with Judeo-Christian values is the back bone of society.

  2. Could there be any more blatant “grooming” of potential clients for P.P.? Sickening, really, to see such blatant “pimping” of innocent children. Planned Parenthood will sell our daughters’ virtue, their innocence, and their health down the river, in exchange for the Almighty $$.

  3. I am very happy that I chose to disassociate myself with GSUSA last year…after 30+ years in the organization. They were going new age…but this is beyond reason. You can see the actual brochure by following this link:

  4. Read the post about the Girl Scouts receiving this information from Planned Parenthood during a United Nations function. http://action.afa.net/Blogs/BlogPost.aspx?id=2147492623 “World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides hosted a panel at the UN this week. The first thing organizers did was kick all the adults out of the room so that Planned Parenthood could distribute – to adolescent girls, mind you – a brochure entitled, “Healthy, Happy and Hot.”

    I will never give one dime to the Girl Scouts again. I read on down the article about a new group of ‘girl scouts’ called “American Heritage Girls.” I have started gathering information about this organization to see if this is where I want to contribute my dollars to encourage their growth and organizational outlook.

  5. If you want to know even more about Planned Parenthood get your hands on a stunning – well documented film called: maafa21 (Preview here: http://www.maafa21.com) Warning be prepared to be shocked !

  6. Shauna! Thank you so much for finding and posting a link to the brochure, even though I never want to see it again. I’m glad everyone will now have the chance to see it themselves–this stuff is for real!

    Thanks again Shauna.

  7. I didn’t hear about that. That is as despicable as it gets. Wow, who knew? The Girl Scouts have a scary agenda. We should start making a competing brand of cookies for girls to sell. The Girl Scouts don’t deserve the hard earned dollars of thousands of little girls.

    Kicking out the adults–how shameful.

    Thank you so much for your post.

  8. As a moderate registered democrat who chooses to chooses to receive e-mails from United Families International. It is obvious that I don’t agree with every one United Families positions but I do scan their e-mails looking for valid points. With that said I find this pamphlet of planned parenthood inappropriate and shameful.

  9. A good guide with a UK registered charity number on how to have an unplanned pregnancy and a “safe” abortion.

    “IPPF works towards a world where women, men
    and young people everywhere have control over
    their own bodies, and therefore their destinies.
    A world where they are free to choose parenthood
    or not; free to decide how many children they
    will have and when; free to pursue healthy sexual
    lives without fear of unwanted pregnancies and
    sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
    A world where gender or sexuality are no longer a
    source of inequality or stigma. We will not retreat
    from doing everything we can to safeguard these
    important choices and rights for current and
    future generations.”

    The IPPF is clearly a pro-choice organisation.

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