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 trafficked childRebecca Mallory

What if you could be a hero and save an  innocent child from the jaws of evil right now? I’m going to tell you how. Early this morning I was driving home and was listening to the Glenn Beck program. My ears perked up when he mentioned the name of a friend of mine, Mark Mabry, who works for Beck’s company. Glenn was talking about an extraordinarily brave man named Tim Ballard who has lived the last decade as an undercover agent. Tim was asked by the US government to head up a team rescuing innocent children from an evil sex slave trade. These kids are as young as 4 years old and are literally bought and sold sometimes by the very relatives who should be protecting them. “I looked into their wide-eyed innocence and saw the eyes of my own children. It was heart-breaking,” said Mr. Ballard.  As Tim became more involved and uncovered the magnitude of this evil trade, he realized that working through the government was just too cumbersome and replete with red tape. So he decided to quit his job and go it on his own which proved to be a gargantuan task.
   The child sex slave trade is, unfortunately, big business. These horrific acts are literally video-taped which are then sold to millions worldwide. Ballard appeared on the Glenn Beck tv program and showed on a map through video technology, just how vast this problem is. A map of the world revealed little red dots appearing as one of these videos were being sold or viewed. I don’t know where you live, but would venture to guess that this is going on close to your area. The United Staes and Europe were nearly solid red. Disgusting. 
    Tim and his crew financed their own operations to Haiti where they would pose as potential customers for these child sex slave traders. After the deal was done, these poor
Iittle children would stare into Tim’s eyes with anticipated fear and Tim’s heart would break. “I wished that somehow, telepathically, I could relay to them that I was there to rescue them, not hurt them again.” 
    One of the first rescues went like  this. “Finally this little boy realized that I was there to rescue him. He ran into my arms and buried his head in my neck as we both sobbed.” I wondered if I had the strength to do this. It was too awful, too horrific. I had my own wife and kids to worry about. How could I subject my spirit to video after video of these unspeakable acts against children? Then I asked myself, “How can I not do this? If I don’t who will?” of course the unspeakable danger was always looming, but Tim’s attitude was, “if I die, I die trying to save the lives of children.”
   There are an estimated 2 million children worldwide who are kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. A daunting task. And they don’t always end positively. “One operation failed. These children were literally a hundred yards away from me; almost rescued. But something went wrong and then they disappeared once again into the shadows. Devastating.” 
    So Tim contacted Glenn Beck and asked for help. Up to this point, Glenn thought that Tim was an author which was true. He had no idea that Tim was involved in  this underground rescue. Glenn spoke about Tim’s “Operation Underground” on his show six months ago to which listerners immediately responded with donations of over $1 million. Listen to how that money was spent. This is how my friend, Mark Mabry, got involved. Mark is a great photographer and actually did two of our daughters’ weddings and several family pictures years ago. He sold his business a while back and went to work for Glenn in Dallas, Texas. Mark voluntarily  joined Tim’s team to go to Haiti and rescue children. Mark’s job was to document through pictures and video. Operation Underground always goes through the front door working closely with governments and never going around or behind them. Child slavery is illegal and most countries will prosecute to the fullest but simply do not have, or will not allocate the resources to remedy.
   So Mark posed as a buyer with his “pretend” wife. They have pictures of sitting down with two women who were the directors of the orphanage. Once the cash was passed from Mark to these women, the sting went down. Twenty-eight children were rescued and these women were sent to jail. This operation, including the entire team’s room and board (which was meager as these grown men shared not only rooms, but beds!) was $20K! Can you believe that? A small price to pay for the lives of 28 precious and innocent lives. 
Mark laughs as he said, “I sort of expected to have our own rooms and at least my own bed! But  “Each of those dollars is sacred and has the name of a child written on them. The money is to be used to rescue those who are suffering, not for our comforts.” Good enough for Mark and the rest of the team. 
    I had to ask Mark how his wife was handling his new “adventures”?? Of course she was freaked out and worried that he may get hurt or worse.  Sex slave trade is big business and protected at all costs. These guys don’t care about human life as much as money and will do anything to protect it. Dangerous? I’d say so. 
 Operation Underground compares their mission to that of Harriet Tubman’s abolishionist efforts during the Civil War era to rescue fellow slaves attempting escape. There will be many more missions for these brave souls. So how can you help? The two biggest needs right now are to spread the word and also donate money to help these efforts. After watching this episode, I donated immediately. I pictured any one of my 15 precious grand children or neighborhood children and couldn’t imagine any of them in this black hole. What better cause than saving children from horrific and illegal sexual acts? Also knowing what these funds mean to this group is so refreshing. Can you imagine our government being this concerned about waste of your tax dollars? Novel concept. Please consider even the smallest donation to www.ourrescue.org and pass this article on to your friends and family.
   Tonight  as you tuck your little ones in to bed, kiss them and express your love for them. And please pray for the innocent children whose lives have been stolen but still may have a chance. Pray for Tim and Mark and those brave men and women who put their lives in danger for children they have never even met. Pray for the lost souls who have somehow justified that this unspeakable horror is ok. Do something great America! Save the life of a child! Is there a greater good?

Marriage: A Reflection After Fifteen Years

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Ellsworth Family LDSElise Ellsworth

Next week my husband and I will celebrate fifteen years of marriage together.  Our marriage has weathered the births of seven children, four college degrees, eleven moves (four of them cross-country), job losses, being hit by a tornado, too many emergency room trips to count (we have six boys) and a host of other day-to-day stresses.  Frankly, I hope that the next fifteen years offer more smooth sailing than the last.  But despite having crossed some stormy seas I remain more committed than ever to the institution of marriage and more convinced than ever of the benefits of marriage between a man and a woman.  I am amazed at how many seemingly intelligent persons are being deceived by the popular argument that the best way to go through life is alone, cohabiting, or in a relationship with someone of the same gender.  I love being married to my husband!

There are so many well-documented benefits to man-woman marriage.  Married couples are healthier.  Married couples are wealthier.  Married couples are happier.  Married couples have better sex lives.  Married couples raise happier and more successful children.  These are all proven facts. So, I’d like to digress a bit and share fifteen little things I have loved about being married and being committed to my husband for the past fifteen years:

©     Our weekly dates – snowshoeing, hikes, learning a language, trips to the thrift store – the only date that hasn’t gone over well is tennis – I am a sore loser

©     Early morning runs – and after two near fires we have made the rule for the kids of “no attempts at cooking” while we are gone

©     Middle of the day telephone calls from someone who loves me

©     Making plans together – it drives my “let’s get going” husband crazy but I love to get his ideas

©     The little jokes my husband cracks right when I am in the middle of my serious tirades

©     Shared eye rolls when the kids are going out of control

©     When he “winks” his tail light at me when I’m following him in my car

©     Having an excuse to get dressed up

©     Entertaining together and watching my husband agonize as he tries to set “the perfect table”

©     Our nightly ritual of sharing one thing we love about each other – sometimes it’s “I like your nose hairs” (if we’re really mad), but it’s always something

©     The births of each of our children – touching heaven for just an instant

©     Swinging children between us on hikes

©     Trying to keep each other awake when we are driving on long road trips

©     The seemingly hundreds of soccer games we’ve attended over the years – sometimes I try to pretend I am not married to him when he loses it with the referee but I still love being there

©     Waking up next to my best friend (this is my husband’s addition J)

The cool thing about marriage is that this list is different for everyone but it’s still there.

Yes, today more than ever it is difficult to get married.  And it’s difficult to stay married.  But if you get the chance, if you fall really, truly in love – don’t settle for less.  Commit to lifelong marriage.  It’s been a fun ride.  I’m looking forward to the next fifteen years.

When Children No Longer Matter

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gay pride paradeDiane Robertson

How would a community respond if their school district or school allowed adults to come into the school and walk around naked? What if there was a naked day at the school where adults were allowed to come and parade nude around the school, but parents were allowed to opt their children out of the event? That is not too different from what is happening in one Canadian city. On April 9th, the Toronto District School Board voted on a motion to have faculty encourage students and their families attend the city’s June 29th Gay Pride Parade as “a celebration and a political event that has greatly added to the richness of the city of Toronto.” In fact, the Toronto District School Board has marched in the parade and encouraged students to attend since 1999.

No one in Toronto is publically outraged over the school encouraging children to participate in an event with public nudity. On the other hand, outrage came from a different direction. A Toronto school trustee, Sam Sotiropoulo, wanted the school board to send a letter to the city requesting that they enforce the city’s nudity laws at the gay pride parade before encouraging the students to attend.

When Sam Sotiropoulo dared to speak up for the city’s decency laws, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation called on the school board to investigate his conduct. Of course, Sotiropoulo has been accused of bigotry and homophobia.

Trustee Cathy Dandy said that the issue isn’t about exposing children to nudity and violation of the law, but rather about “tolerating shame”. Trustee Maria Rodrigues, who presented the motion affirming trustees’ support of the pride parade said that “she’s gone to it with her two daughters many times and they are just fine.”

Education director Donna Quan sent an email to Toronto school staff stating that nudity has been a tradition at the parade; “it started as a liberation protest that rejects shame, bias and judgments for people celebrating themselves for who they are.”

The children in the City of Toronto do not matter. Gay rights and extreme views about sexual liberation are of utmost importance to these elected officials in charge of the education of children. These school board trustees are more worried about their reputation as tolerant and liberal social elites than they are about the blatant sexualizing of innocent children. Given that there is no outrage by parents and teachers one can conclude that most parents and teachers would rather protect their reputation as tolerant and accepting of homosexuality than the innocence of their children and students.

Let this be a lesson for parents and teachers in communities across the world. Again we are reminded that there will be no tolerance for the slightest deviation from the homosexual agenda. I believe the parents in Toronto do care about their children, but are cowed from speaking up. When a whole community is afraid to speak and take action to protect their children that community loses that right.

If you are not sure that a pride parade is inappropriate for children, the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) has documented photos from previous Toronto pride parades that show naked men, in full frontal nudity, along with displays of mock sex acts, sexual bondage and sadomasochism.  (Warning: Links lead to explicit images.)



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